• Note: EQD is Currently a Little Derpy, Please Spread the Word

    It's looking like a lot of people are having trouble seeing new posts and updates to posts today. This started around 3:00 PM from the looks of it. The social media things are still picking up posts, but the site itself on desktop view is only updating randomly, or when you clear cache.

    With Starlight Glimmer day tomorrow, we are going to have a lot of posts. Hopefully our platform fixes this by then. If not, if the site isn't updating for you, clear your cache. You can do that for EQD alone by holding shift and clicking the refresh button while viewing the main page.

    Please spread the word! It seems some browsers do this automatically, so a bunch of you can see this message. But many people are not seeing the last half-a-day of posts. Even updates to posts are not showing up.