• New ALPHA 1.7.8 Update Released for PonyClub

    The social game PonyClub has released a new update for the project. Their new sandbox mode lets people essentially build as they please, with loads of items added for you to use.

    The game itself can be found over here if you just want to dive in and see whats going on.

    Head on down below the break for the patch notes and some screencaps.

    Patch notes:

    ALPHA 1.7.8 Patch Note!

    Sandbox called a separate server dedicated to the construction. YES! Every visitor to this server receives an arsenal of various items to be placed on a location. Now you can build online with friends! Details of the server will be written when you visit it. 
    Of course, the functionality and the number of new items will be updated. 
    All previously available admin items are now available to you! Here is another list of what you have already seen: 
    - High wall
    - High wall with ice inserts
    - High wall with a window
    - Low wall
    - Low wall with icicles
    - Post
    - Undefined platform unit (can serve as furniture)
    - Torch
    - A cattail fence 
    And the list of items replenished on your request: 
    - NP - block with spruce coating
    - Short post
    - Ice arch
    - Outdoor snowflake
    - Spruce rug
    - Two color pillows
    - Ice Vase
    - Lamp - mushroom
    - Three types of winter trees - a snow-covered tree and two types of Christmas trees.
    And as a nice bonus - the lamps can now be turned off by clicking on them from close range!
    Good luck and joy to you in construction!

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