• Filly Funtasia Arises from It's Grave for a March 11th Release Date

    Technically, this isn't our pony, but a ton of people are sending it and we did technically cover it for a bit back before it suddenly disappeared way back in 2015. It looks like Filly Funtasia is actually happening, with a March 11th release date on an Italian channel called Frisbee.

    Will we be covering Filly Funtasia? I have no idea. It could be good, or it could be a flop. Lauren Faust's pony models are hard to beat, and I don't think these do it. They aren't terrible though.  At the end of the day, I know 90% of why I love Friendship is Magic is due to the art style. We will see how episode 1 pans out and poll you guys on the feedback.

    Get the announcement trailer below.

    Older trailer from way back in 2015:

    Thanks to Brian, Robert, PoniesRUs, and everyone else for the heads up.