• MLP Fan Game OST Music: KhazainMusic - Maradise Isle Demo Official Soundtrack

    Finally I get to post music like this! For those who, like me, didn't know about this pony fan game inspired by Final Fantasy, Golden Sun and others, Maradise Isle is a 2D retro J-RPG-like game set in the MLP universe (trailer here) that has got such a delightfully classic story premise that gets you excited to see the story unfold and roam the land to meet new companions and party members! What's more, its OST is of untold beauty, reminiscent of the melodic and progressive style of the music of such J-RPG games that the game was inspired by, and of the works of Motoi Sakuraba in particular (Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Infinite Undiscovery...) with the amazing and epic use of choirs. KhazainMusic definitely did wonderful with this labor of love, composing for one year, as it resulted in such an incredible OST full of epic and emotional tracks! And I'm sure they feel even greater when you listen to them while playing the game... That's the special power of OST music! A demo of the game is available now from the devs' official website, full release date TBA!