• Discussion: Why Do You Think Friendship is Magic Has Been So Successful?

    Friendship is Magic has been a huge influence on kids TV over the last decade that it has dominated. Even I have seen multiple show ideas bug our fandom asking what they like most before they even begin production. Pretty much every revamp after the success of pony has had qualities that borrow from it. From the animation design, to shifting shows that would usually be cringy, mindless childrens TV to actually have real plot and characters with higher production quality. Especially with their more comedic elements.

    Many flop though. Even if they pull off the slightly edgy humor and pacing pony provides, they don't have the same appeal. This cartoon really was the perfect storm.

    Personally, I've always attributed it to the design of the pony models themselves, but it's definitely not the only thing.

    What do you think made this show such a hit?