• Pony Concept Music: Mane In Green - Journey Through the Unknown Wonders of Equestria [Orchestral]

    My favorite active pony musician, Mane In Green makes amazing and heartfelt pieces often telling a pony story or concept of some sort. This progressive masterpiece of nearly 7 minutes from Ponies at Dawn Enigma is telling the tale of the Mane 6 and Spike adventuring through Equestria and witnessing many sights, as the title has it, and you can just imagine all the lovely scenes with the ponies as the marvelous music unfolds, in many differents parts that each have their own atmosphere, melodies, arrangement, and mood. That's Mane In Green's magic! I highly recommend his other pieces like Petit Papillon about Fluttershy, Miss Shy and Miss Rarity's Secret Dates, Step! Buck! Leap! Touch! inspired by a BGM from the show, or Fluttergoth Takes Manehattan to name a few (notice how I don't have to explain what it's about - you can figure it out from the titles, and I feel that's a great quality for pony music!), or his musical series telling pony stories though several episodes/songs, like The Quest of the Lost Sapphire (part one here) and the War In Equestria series (part one here). Many, many pony wonders to be found on Mane In Green's channel! He's definitely a pony musician you want to follow, and I hope that you could enjoy his stuff as much as I do!