• Jayson Thiessen Heading to BronyCon 2019

    Another staffer is heading to BronyCon this year! Or at least oldschool staffer. Early Friendship is Magic director Jayson Thiessen


    (BALTIMORE) - At BronyCon HQ, we look for special agents who can oversee operations and guide field operatives in the right direction during big missions. We’re excited to confirm that our next guest’s precise and keen eye will help ensure the success of our final mission this August. BronyCon is proud to announce Jayson Thiessen as our next Guest of Honor for 2019!

    Thiessen is best known as an animated film and television director, with more than 20 years of experience. He served as the Supervising Director and Co-Executive Producer for the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” television series between 2010 and 2015, directing classic episodes such as “Boast Busters” and “Luna Eclipsed” among others.  Special agent Thiessen has also directed the “Equestria Girls” and “Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks” spin off movies, and directed the full length 2017 feature film “My Little Pony: The Movie.” He has received multiple Leo Award nominations for his work on the television series.

    In terms of importance for our event, Thiessen holds a candle like no other. In September of 2011 at our second ever convention he was the first member of show staff to ever appear at BronyCon when it served only a few hundred people in New York City. This will be his first time returning since then and we can’t wait to have him help us close out this chapter together.

    For more information about Thiessen and all of our other Guests of Honor for BronyCon 2019, agents can visit bronycon.org/guests.

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    About BronyCon: Based in Baltimore, MD, the 11th and final BronyCon event is scheduled for August 1-4, 2019 at the Baltimore Convention Center. The convention features special guests, diverse programming, and a multi-night music festival featuring live music from some of the greatest fandom musicians. For more information, check out bronycon.org.