• Planned My Little Pony / Brony Conventions for 2019

    "Hey Seth! When are you going to do the convention section this year?"

    Err, you mean I didn't do that already? Woops.Sorry about the delay on this post. For whatever reason I thought I did it back in January.

    As with the last few years, we've got a convention section on the side bar showing off all the cons happening this year. Below the break, find a list of all the events happening around the world this year that you can hop on over and attend! 

    If you are part of a convention and don't see yours listed here, or just want your entry updated, head on over to the submission page for all you need to send us. Most are just placeholders.

    Anyway, cons below!

    Update Sept. 8th - Added: 
    •  Vanhoover Pony Expo

    April 5 - 7
    Schaumburg, Illinoise

    April 19-22
    San Fancisco, California

    May 11, 2019
    Manchester, United Kingdom

    The UK's SPRING pony convention returns to Manchester, UK for it's second year for more fun! This year the theme is dragons so be ready for FUN with some FIRE

    May 17-19 
    Seattle, Washington

    July 19-21
    Columbus, Ohio

    July 27-28
    Ludwigsburg, Germany

    August 1-4
    Baltimore, Maryland

    August 23-25
    Prague, Czech Republic

    July 27-28
    Tampa, Florida

    November 9th, 2019 - November 10th, 2019
    Hilton Grosvener Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

    BronyScot, the premier My Little Pony convention in Scotland, is set to return to Glasgow on November 9th-10th. Running yearly since 2014, BronyScot has attracted hundreds of fans from across the UK and internationally who are fans of the Hasbro franchise and associated TV show 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic'.

    Returning to the Hilton Grosvenor Hotel on November 9th, the volunteer organized festival is celebrating 6 years of running and has themed this year's convention around cartoon media, promising a zanny atmosphere for all who attend alongside an assortment of panels, vendors, games, workshops, charity auctions & more. An 18+ only MLP themed concert – RockNessie – is occurring the following night at the Classic Grand, with acts to be announced in the near future.

    Tickets for the BronyScot convention and RockNessie are now available to buy at their official website https://brony.scot/

    December 8-14
    Miami, Florida (Starting)

    July 27-28
    Hangzhou, China

    June 14-16
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    August 17-18
    Adelaide, Australia

    March 2

    October 12-13
    Nottingham, United Kingdom

    Join us in Nottingham this October for a weekend of pony-filled fun! UK PonyCon is a fan created and run convention celebrating all incarnations of My Little Pony since they were first released in 1982 right through to the Friendship is Magic series, the 2017 film and beyond. We host a range of events suitable for all generations of fans. Whilst the convention is aimed at adult fans of the franchise from the early generation fans through to "Bronies" and "Pegasisters", we welcome fans and collectors of all ages from all over the world. This year we are going on an "Ocean Adventure" with seaponies (shoo shoo be doo!) swimming down in Seaquestria, glamorous cruise liners voyaging around the world or pirates exploring the ocean waves (or anything else the crafters, artists and cosplayers come up with!)

    January 10, 2020 - January 12, 2020
    Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

    July 3, 2020 - July 5, 2020
    Stockholm, Sweden

    The Festival of Friendship!
    Come join us in Stockholm this July to celebrate this fantastic fandom with us Scandinavian Bronies and Pegasisters. The show may be ending but the fandom will not, Let us have a fantastic weekend with tons of fun stuff to do and experience.
    You can try one of our two Swedish three course dinners, Dance the night away and join our panels or workshops.
    We hope to see you all in Stockholm next year.
    sincerely Niklas, Kevin and their team.

    If you are interested in setting up a vendors booth, help us with a panel/workshop or working as a volunteer, contact us at
    niklas@convfix.se or at kevin@convfix.se

    you can find your tickets here. Get your ticket while you still can.

    Cons we are still waiting for info from, or haven't announced 2019 yet: 

    • Ponyville Ciderfest
    • SEAPonyCon
    • RuBronyCon
    • Crystal Mountain Ponycon
    • High Roller Pony Con
    • Hearths Warming Con
    • BronyScot

    In other news, if anyone wants to draw some con mascots, we'd be glad to swap out Spotlight up there with a header with a bunch of them.