• More Pony Music! A saucerful of pony secrets!

    It's that time again, so go grab what you might have missed in the pony music scene in the meantime! Check it all out below the break.

    1. mikuma - Splash Damage
    Instrumental - Hybrid Trap
    Mikuma, formerly known as Xavi, delivers a tasty musical experience for Ponies at Dawn Enigma, themed about his OC!

    2. Toby Macarony - No Matter What You Get
    Vocal - Electronic
    Spooky Applejack from Toby Macarony! Expect lots of grim, distorted pony vocals fitting to the mood!

    3. Lightning Collector - Let's Have a Battle (Of the Bands) (Full Cover)
    Vocal - Garage Rock
    Lightning Collector amps up his previous cover of the Dazzlings' song, with a full-fledged version including his vocals!

    4. GhostXb - Reclamation
    Instrumental - Jazz/Hip-Hop
    A most delightful and emotional progressive piece from the very talented GhostXb, using many different instruments! GhostXb's magic is as strong as ever, I'd even say it became even more potent and powerful!

    5. Corpulent Cartel - Pinkie's Epic Lie (Feat. Olly Hancock) (Remaster)
    Vocal - Breakbeat
    Agents of Discord aka Corpulent Cartel presents us the remastered version of his collab with Olly Hancock, an awesome spiritual successor of Pinkie's Lie!

    6. Alex Edwin - Hold
    Vocal - Indie Pop
    A soft, tender, cuddly song from Alex Edwin!

    7. BassPon3 - Spreading My Wings (Radio Edit)
    Instrumental - Hooves Up
    An uplifting and aerial track from BassPon3 about Rainbow Dash!

    8. iblank2apples - Give Me Wings (Ponytronic Remix)
    Instrumental - Melodic Dubstep
    Ponytronic's remix of iblank2apples' concept track Give Me Wings themed about Hurricane Fluttershy is such a fine token of the emotional power of Melodic Dubstep, with melodic drops full of emotion, and a much creative composition overall that is Ponytronic's signature! He also released an alternate Future Garage remix of it, titled the Requiem Remix!

    9. Vylet Pony - Convergence
    Vocal - Cinematic
    The third track from the concept album Homeward, it displays Vylet's vocal talent as well as the diversity of her musical inspirations!

    10. Swagg Bronii - The Story of a Sad Apple
    Instrumental - Trap
    A cool beat, and emotional melodies in this progressive track about Applejack by Swagg Bronii!

    11. SkyBolt - Start Again (Blink-182's Bored to Death Parody)
    Vocal - Alternative Rock
    Focusing on Sunset and Flash's relationship, SkyBolt presents us a lovely ponification of Blink-182's track Bored to Death with brand new lyrics written to be about the two EQG characters!

    12. Kakofonous A. Dischord - Blissful Hoof Yeahs in the Night: A Jamn
    Instrumental - Experimental
    Part of the compilation album Lunar New Year: Trash3D, this track of over 10 minutes from Kako is pure art!

    13. Nicolas Dominique - Cuddles
    Instrumental - Chillout
    A warm musical embrace from Nicolas Dominique that feels just like a pony cuddle!

    14. Lightning Collector - Into Your Eyes
    Vocal - Punk Rock
    Love expressed through the power of rock music, blissful riffs and vocals, that's what you're in for!

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!