• New "Essential Handbook - A Magical Guide for Everypony" MLP Book Appears

    A new book has been announced over on Amazon's UK branch. The "Essential Handbook - A Magical Guide for Everypony" includes information from all 9 seasons, including the Rainbow Roadtrip special that is coming up this summer.

    Head on down below for the details on it!

    Do you want to know your Alicorn from your Seapony? Or your Pegasus from your Hippogriff? This complete guide is the ultimate companion to everything My Little Pony and is the only guide to cover all nine series of Friendship is Magic, plus specials The Best Gift Ever and The Rainbow Roadtrip and My Little Pony: The Movie.
    With fun, engaging and colourful spreads, this handbook features everyone's favourite characters, locations all across Equestria and some of the best loved moments from the series. Perfect for young fans, the guide also includes a search-and-find for Tank, the beloved tortoise, and Pinkie Pie's best jokes!
    Sure to bring delight and excitement to fans everywhere, this is the only guide a Pony fan could need.

    In the land of Equestrian, the Mane Six embark upon adventures together with friends. Whether battling villains, helping everypony or throwing a really good party, Twilight Sparkle and friends are always on hand to share love, magic, kindness and friendship.
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    208 pages