• A Bit of Extra Hype from Friendship is Magic Producer Mike Vogel

    It might be fun to go through all the show staffers and see what they are saying now that the news has broke about the end of Gen 4. I think I'll make that a project today.

    Anyway, lets dive into some hype for Season 9 from Friendship is Magic producer and writer Mike Vogel. He popped a big one up on Twitter calling season 9 one of the best seasons, with an awesome wrap-up.

    Head on down below for it!

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    Guys, listen. I think Season 9 of MLP:FiM might be up there with some of the best seasons. SO MUCH awesome and I love how it all wraps up. Working on MLP has been one of the high points of my career and I’m proud to be part of this epic season. So get ready... and get excited.