• HAHcon Next Weekend - Animated Intro and Presser!

    The online pony convention HAHcon is happening again this year, and Crowne Prince has released an announcement animation for it. They also have a presser for some added info for it if you want to tune in, including schedule. Expect it on March 2nd!

    Head on down below to check it out.

    MLP Online Convention Next Weekend
    Join other pony fans on March 2 for the fourth year of HAHcon, a MLP convention that happens entirely on the internet! We have live DJ performances, games, tournaments, art request streams, cooking, multilingual events (Russian and Italian this year), and much more. Check the 2019 schedule to find streams you want to go to.

    HAHcon has events for everybody, including kids-safe and adults-only events. Each livestream has a content rating next to it in the schedule.

    We're very happy to have Lunar Shine as our sponsor this year. If you want to pick up some goodies keep an eye out on the HAHcon site, Twitter, and Discord for special sales during the convention.

    Saturday, March 2
    “Main Hall” Chat: http://discord.gg/ZXDpQpR (we use Discord)
    Twitter: @HAHcon

    Our convention is absolutely free. If you've read this far and would like to make sure this con happens again in 2020, you can pick up an optional $5 print-your-own supporter badge from our store or use the tip jar on the side of that page. https://www.hahcon.com/store/