• EQG Concept Music: Dizzy Inmotion & Mystic Genesis - Expectations [Hip Hop]

    Now here's the kind of fan works that I love to see. Dizzy Inmotion imagined a whole new storyline in an alternate version of the EQG world, and is making a whole concept album around it, enacting each story part in songs and even skits..! Released at the same time, Rainbow (Skit) features voice acting between Dizzy as Sunset and DaWillstanator as Rainbow Dash, and it's the story part that comes right before this one, Expectations, which is re-imagining that beloved kitchen scene from Rainbow Rocks with its own intro and song conveying much character depth. And it's a collab with Mystic Genesis! Catch up with previous parts of the story, with the very awesome Bad Girl, Don't Let The Sun Set, Vinyl (Skit), and Battle, all on Dizzy's channel! I highly recommend them! And be on the lookout for future releases from the album, and the release of the full album!