• Discussion: Pony DLC - Would You Pay to Get Your OC in the Show?


    It's a terror of the gaming world, and one of the most controversial topics of our time. The world of Pay2Win has taken over as mobile continues to grow and train a generation of little monsters in the art of swiping their parents credit card to have prettier digital goods than their friends. Whether it be dumping thousands into anime waifus in Fire Emblem Awakening or even our very own pony game with its $9.99 90% off sales, we are inundated by it.

    Lets dive into the hypothetical world where this blight has wandered it's way over the cartoons. Companies everywhere are charging and auctioning off slots in their shows for your very own characters.

    How much would you pay to get your OC in the last season of Friendship is Magic? What is your absolute cap?