• Pony Community Soapbox #127 - Otakushy, Too Much Diversity, and Speciesism!

    Community soapbox time, where opinions from around the fandom are dropped down below for you all to discuss and debate! Expect these posts normally when not late every Tuesday at 2:00 PM MST. To submit your own, see this post.

    Headlines this week:

    • Otakushy potential?
    • Candidacy for being summon by the Map: The Young Six
    • There's Too Much Diversity in the World of Pony
    • What is "canon"?
    • Chancellor Neighsay’s “speciesism” was never explored properly

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Otakushy potential?
    BY: Nightmare Muffin

    Does anyone recall that scene in “Scare Master” where we got a glimpse into Fluttershy’s cottage, and she had these anime character cutouts from Neon Genesis Evengelion, Sailor Moon, Ranma ½, Dragon Ball, and Revolutionary Girl Utena hanging up? For some, it was just a throwaway gag scene, but what if the writers continued to push Fluttershy being an otaku from that point on in the series? Could we have gotten an episode where Fluttershy attends an anime convention with Rainbow Dash, in a similar vein to “Daring Don’t”? With the rl Olympics being held in Japan in 2020, will we be getting Fluttershy geeking out further on Japanese culture (if FiM lasts that long) maybe dressed in anime cosplay instead of cheerleader attire for another Equestria Games episode? Or getting to travel to and explore a pony version of Japan/ Japony/ Neighppon?

    Candidacy for being summon by the Map: The Young Six
    by ShadowWriter45

    Ever since the events of What lies Beneath and School Raze, it's been confirmed that the Young 6 are now connected to the Elements of Harmony, if not the Tree of Harmony. So, does this mean they can get summoned by the map? I believe so.

    I did a Soapbox about Twilight's school being a place where Map Candidates can be selected and that could be proven true based on what season 9 is going to be like and the aftermath of School Raze. The Young Six being summoned by the map could prove valuable since they could solve problems that the Mane 6 cannot. Granted they are still learning at the School but now they can really practice what they've learned.

    Lastly, they could be the fighting force that helps the Mane 6 take down whatever evil may come in season 9, especially if it's Cozy Glow again.There help could prove valuable as an extra set of elements to protect Equestira, if not the school and they could act future friendship guardians for Equestira when it comes time for the Mane 6 to step down for any reason.

    There's Too Much Diversity in the World of Pony
    By: Imaginer 31415

    At first, it was ponies. Ponies, and one dragon. Now, there are many, many more intelligent species in the world we have come to love. And it’s too many.

    Do we really need to create new species every time we need a new story? I get it; having a diverse collection of creatures can make for better and funner stories. But the world of Equestria and beyond is saturated. I would even say oversaturated. All of you will hate me for this, but the Kirin were too much.

    Did we need a new species for the sake of having Applejack and Fluttershy work together in an episode? No. Do they add something truly significant to the world of pony and more? No. They weren't really needed.

    Now, I will give Kirin (and Nirik) a pass because they are just too adorable to retcon, and the fandom has fallen incurably in love with them. But besides Kirin, we already have Ponies, Changelings, Dragons, Hippogriffs, Griffons, Yaks, Buffalo, Zebras, the occasional sighting of a donkey or mule, pirate birds, cats, weird centaur-ape-things, a sea serpent, a Draconequus, and a partridge in a pear tree. And I think that is quite enough.

    What is "canon"?
    By: FlareGun45

    What do you think is considered canon to MLP: FIM? Equestria Girls? The comics? A certain particular fanfic? Or is there something you DON'T consider canon MLP: FIM? Like Equestria Girls? The comics? A certain particular fanfic? Or is there an episode you don't like and you wanna pretend it didn't happen?

    There are no wrong answers! It's all up to you! I keep seeing people arguing about what should be canon, and what's not. And it's not just this fandom! All the fandoms are like this! Some keep saying something's not canon to something cause it's not made by the same team but blessed by the head-company. Star Wars for example! There's the canon and the legends. Knights of the Old Republic for example is considered legends now, but I don't think that! I DO consider part of the main Star Wars canon! Who's gonna stop us with our beliefs? This ain't Medieval Times, or World War 2! Time to let loose and think outside the box!

    Big Jim said it himself! It's up to you to consider what you think is canon to the main series! Even if the main company confirms a canonship, what's their word to your imagination? ;) Who knows? Maybe previous gen MLPs are too canon in some way or another!

    Chancellor Neighsay’s “speciesism” was never explored properly
    By: EnergeticRider

    As most of you understand, in Season9 Neighsay and his story arc were meant to tell children about racism. However, it didn’t a very good job.

    Because you see, racism (if by racism we mean “belief that people of a different race should be treated differently simply because of their race”) takes many forms, and all of them have some underlying reasons. Sometimes irrational or erroneous, but reasons. To combat racism people need to deal with those reasons (and not just call out and harass people who are racist or supposed to be racist).

    What is the reason for Neighsay’s distrust for non-ponies? It was never said. My personal conclusion (based on his story) is that he experienced abuse from other species firsthoof. As Canterlot denizen Neighsay could easily be one of the ponies harassed by changelings and one of the storm creatures prisoners. Probably was drained by Tirek with all other unicorns.

    On the other hoof, Sombra’s insurrection took place in far-away Crystal Empire. And Nightmare Moon’s return was nothing more than a night lasting a few more hours. Thus even Neighsay knew about pony villains, for him personally they didn't seem such a big deal.

    If his reasoning was like that, then indeed after falling victim to Cozy Glow and being rescued by students, Neighsay would understand that ponies can be just as evil as any other species and any other species can be as helpful as ponies. However, if it was this way, it was never properly articulated in the show.