• More Pony Music! Our community is so thriving!

    We'll never stop expressing our passion for ponies through fan works, and both the quantity and the quality of pony songs getting released by the day in the community is another token of that. If you didn't get enough with the solo posts, good, because here is more pony music for you!

    1. Ice Angel - Purification
    Instrumental - House
    An aerial song soothing the mind with gorgeous melodies and synths, much like a Purification!

    2. Jeff Burgess - Filly Dreams (Piano/Vocal/Bass Stems)
    Vocal - Classic Pop
    Jeff Burgess' unique and awesome vocal style from the original Filly Dreams is now available in this "Piano/Vocal/Bass Stems" version from the Deep Cuts channel! Thanks to RD ED for sharing it!

    3. EnsionD - Wide Skies (feat. Francis Vace)
    Vocal - Progressive House
    Francis' gorgeous and impactful vocals are just making me so emotional along the soft yet bouncy instrumental from EnsionD! A shining gem from Ponies at Dawn Enigma!

    4. Crashie Tunez - Tattered Romantics (Full Album)
    Vocal - Nintendocore/Cybergrind
    Crashie made a whole album expressing a personal story using his signature musical style and reflected through ponies, more details in the description! It's available for download and as physical CDs from noise.horse's Bandcamp!

    5. Altius Volantis - Days Gone By (Extended VIP Mix)
    Instrumental - Chillout/Trance
    Altius released his VIP of the original Days Gone By featured in the previous bonus music post, and it's got a brand new progression full of many new additions, definitely feels like an upgrade!

    Note: Since the original video got removed, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.

    6. John Kenza - Looking At The Stars (feat. Agatan) (Sam Quak Brony Remix)
    Vocal - Future Bass
    The original track from Ponies at Dawn Enigma gets a beautiful remix from Sam Quak Brony, extending the starry and heart-warming vibes!

    7. FrostFyre - Boundless Skies
    Instrumental - Progressive House
    The cute and joyful melodies all throughout this new track from FrostFyre sure make it sound very pony-like! You may remember FrostFyre from their track Rollercoaster featured in A State of Sugar Ice Cream!

    8. Ardeleiz - Lunar Eclipse II (Covering Frozen Night)
    Instrumental - Ambient Rock
    After performing it with the SeaPony Orchestra at GalaCon 2018, Ardeleiz took the awesome initiative of making his own guitar cover of Frozen Night's song Lunar Eclipse II, and it's so sweet, deep, and emotional!

    9. Brickface Productions - Wet Feathers
    Instrumental - Electronic
    Another track that sounds pony from the brightness and cuteness of its melodies, Brickface Productions' new release calls for some wing preening!

    10. Vylet Pony - Homeward
    Vocal - Acoustic
    The new album and continuation to Vylet's rich story is out! This title track from it is very tender both musically and in the scenes from the animation by Myles Vice!

    11. Shining Mane - Rock, you are Rock
    Instrumental - Garage Rock
    Our beloved kirin Shining Mane performed this short yet blissful song with a band during a jam session, and it looks like Maud got invited too!

    Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.

    12. Freewave - Wonderbolts Rock (Agents of Discord's Remastered Remix)
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    Part of the essential Remastered & Reconfigured album released on noise.horse, Agents of Discord's remastered remix of Freewave's Wonderbolt Rock is renewing those lovely vibes from Pinkie and Dashie's rap, and always with Maud bringing some rock spirit too!

    13. SweetF1RE - Split Personality
    Instrumental - Happy Hardcore
    A track with a very interesting concept, it has both uplifting parts reflecting Pinkie's bright personality and dark parts reflecting the fanmade "Pinkamena"! A duality represented musically, now that's awesome!

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!