• BABSCon Writes Its Own Ticket With Nicole Dubuc & Brian Hohlfeld

    BABSCon keeps rolling out the guests with two more VIPs added to the roster in the form of Brian Hohlfeld an Nicole Dubuc, both part of the creative writing staff for FiM! So if you're heading to BABS this year make sure to give them both a very warm welcome.

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    After all these actors and artists, we thought that perhaps people of letters might be just what this year’s con needed to add a touch of refinement to the proceedings. To that end, BABSCon 2019 is proud to announce the return of Nicole Dubuc and, in his first appearance at our con as a guest, Brian Hohlfeld.

    Nicole, fresh from her triumphant tour of Nepal, where she met actual yaks, has been a writer (“Shadow Play,” “School Daze,” “School Raze,” etc.), story editor (Season 8) and executive producer (Season 8) for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. But she is so much more than that…an early employee of Hasbro Studios, she wrote for Transformers: Prime, and developed Transformers: Rescue Bots for the studio. She’s written for a bewildering array of shows, including Star Wars Rebels, Kim Possible, Young Justice, and is developing The Rocketeer, debuting this fall. Her career has also included on-screen and voice roles going back to her childhood.

    Brian, a new writer for MLP:FiM in Season 8, wrote the episodes “The Hearth’s Warming Club” and “Surf and/or Turf,” the latter of which was nominated for a Humanitas Prize! He’s written for TV and movies for decades, including the 1991 film He Said, She Said, starring Kevin Bacon, and The Heffalump Movie & Piglet’s Big Movie as part of Disney’s Winnie the Pooh franchise. He was the creator of My Friends Tigger and Pooh (from which the episode “Eeyore’s Sad Day” won a Humanitas Prize!), the co-developer of Transformers:Rescue Bots, and has been nominated for three Daytime Emmys and an Annie Award.

    Nicole and Brian join Guests of Honor Maurice LaMarche, Tabitha St. Germain, Rebecca Shoichet, Tony Fleecs, and Sara Richard as they help the BABSCon staff try to make 2019 the best year yet.

    So register now, grab a luxurious sponsor badge while they last, book your hotel room, watch for more announcements as the Month of Guests™ continues, and come have fun with us this April!

    (Art by LostInTheTrees)

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