• Open My Little Pony Art Compilation (All Skill Levels Welcome) #4

    This weeks Open Art is an hour late. I blame Twilight Sparkle. She lost the schedule.

    Below the break, we have art from people around the fandom! Go check it out, and be sure to give them feedback. 
    As always, if you'd like to submit a piece for Open Art, send an email to [email protected] with a Deviant Art or Tumblr Link, and title the email OPEN ART

    [1] Source

    Autumn Blaze with a beard by thekittenarmy

    [2] Source

    Cobalt Warrior (Gift) (+Speedpaint) by PadS33

    [3] Source

    An Applejack A Day by Moonlight37Dusk

    [4] Source

    Good bye, Button Mash by VirgilTPony

    [5] Source

    Autumnyan Blaze by JuneII

    [6] Source

    Cinnamon Sugar and Ruby Halo Bat Tag 2018 by RoobyHalo

    [7] Source

    Tacenda by MewTheBubble

    [8] Source

    Gentle like a cloud by AppleNeedle

    [9] Source

    Mr. Freeze Makes the Twilight Sparkle by MixDaPonies

    [10] Source

    Sparkle Family Dinner by StunningSwan

    [11] Source

    Pinkie in the Crystal War by MysteriousShine

    [12] Source

    Krampus's New Play Mate by mr100dragon100

     [13] Source

    Moonbeam by PinkiePie097

    [14] Source

    Someday My Prince Will Come by mr100dragon100

    [15] Source

    Worringtron 2000 by saturdaymorningproj

    [16] Source

    Alicorn Time Turner adopt (closed species) by Vtwilight

    [17] Source

    I'd Rather Sing! by Genettle

    [18] Source

    First Meeting by Skijarama

    [19] Source

    Kissy Dissy by Samantha062104

    [20] Source

    F2U Pinkie Pie Pixel Avatar by 8-BitBrony

    [21] Source

    Luna in the green by platinumdrop

    [22] Source

    Discord And Celestia Wallpapaer by mr100dragon100

    [23] Source

    Pone Unknown by Chocolate--Cherry

    [24] Source

    Startrix Doodle by Tkitten16

    [25] Source

    Mechawful pony sketches by Tkitten16

    [26] Source

    Guerra indiferente by GafelPoez

    [27] Source

    Green eyed merle by GafelPoez

    [28] Source

    Bat Pony by Andromedasparkz

    [29] Source

    A Meeting In Canterlot by Skijarama