• My Little Pony Black Friday Sales Around the Internet - Amazon, WLF, and More

    Usually I like to compile up black Friday stuff, but this month is pretty much dead on that front. For whatever reason, big box retailers have almost completely ignored pony this year. Both Walmart and Target don't have any cartoon horses on the list, and Khols has a buy one get one 50% off sale going for just about every toy brand except Hasbro. 

    Luckily, Amazon did not forget pony. In fact, they have quite a few items tagged Black Friday for pony. The UK has a completely different set from the USA at that.  Have some links:


    Amazon US Black Friday My Little Pony Offerings
    Amazon UK Black Friday My Little pony Offerings

    The UK wins on random merch, while the USA primarily has toys. I have no idea why.

    Amazon also has had a few random pony lightning deals, though they are only up for an hour or so.

    It also looks like everything from their previous sale is back, though percents are slightly different than our list. I'll update that once I get some time and when it's not 3am.

    For Fans By Fans (AKA We Love Fine):

    Running a 25% Off coupon code "BLACKFRIYAY" (Yes, with the Y replacing D). Their pony section is over here, though you can use it on anything.


    Will be running their 30% off sale for the weekend, details here.

    Hasbro Toy Shop:

    20% off on your first order sale. Get that here.

    If you find any other Black Friday deals, please send them to submit and I will add them! It looks like all "Friday" events are weekend long, so it can't hurt to keep a tally.