• My Little Pony: Series 5 Trading Cards Coming this Winter from Enterplay!

    Kind of curious as to what happened to the rest of Special Foil Card F32 – F36 for Series 4. I know F28 – F30 were released through Target in special 3 packs back when series 4 launched, and F31 was BronyCon 2017's exclusive card, but since then…

    Anyways, Listed on the front Page of Enterplay's online store is a new advertisement announcing the 5th Series of the My Little Pony Trading Cards! This all new set is apparently coming out this winter and will also be covering seasons 7 & 8 by the looks of things!

    So everyone, be on the lookout for these cards coming out sometime in December (most likely).

    I for one will be hoping Enterplay releases a new binder to go with the set… my other 5 are already full.