• FYE Pink Vinyl Song Listing Revealed

    A few people gambled and ordered that FYE pink vinyl record exclusive a few days ago, and they sent us clearer pictures of the track list. With both sides, you get 14  different tracks, and a different list than the Greatest Hits from a while back.

    Head on down below to check it out!

    Song List: 

    Side A
    Twilight's Falure
    Love is in Bloom
    Flim Flam Cider
    Becoming Popular
    May the Best Pet Win
    Art of the Dress
    Ballad of the Crystal Ponies

    Side B
    Find a Way
    Raise This Barn
    The Laughter Song
    At the Gala
    Make a Wish
    Apples to the Core
    Babs Seed

    Thanks to Duel Monster and Ryan for the images

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