• Friendship is Epic Developer Version Released - Full Game Probably Won't Complete

    We have both good and bad news for everyone following the Friendship is Epic project. Lets start with the bad just to get it out of the way. Like ripping a bandage off right?

    The lead developer Helements has unfortunately disappeared. Apparently this happened way back in March of last year. This means there hasn't really been any progress at all, and probably won't be. Unfortunately he also had all of the source code, so no further changes can really be made. There are a few bugs in the current build, but it's playable and has a good amount of content.

    As for the good news, the team still has the last build of the game from way back in February of 2017. Instead of letting it waste away into nothing, they've decided to just go ahead and release it to the masses.

    You can now download and play the game here.

    Head on down below for a message from the team, and a few more details on what happened and what to expect.

    Developer Letter:

    Friendship is Epic Website
    Friendship is Epic BGM Playlist
    You can now download and play the game here