• Bat Tag - All the Bats That Got Bit!

    Bat Tag has come to a close, and we have a compilation of entries for you all to enjoy! The biting and arting was fierce, and 42 BATS made their way to the submit box confused and slightly addled at their new fluffy ears, webbed wings, slit eyes, and slightly edgy demeanor.

    Head on down below for the bats!

    [1] Source

    Follow Me Into The Night by Tangerineable

    [2] Source

    Heavenly Hazelnut (Bat Tag) by Silent-Shadow-Wolf

    (Bat Tag Winner!)

    [3] Source

    BAT TAG! by RainbowBacon1

    [4] Source

    Bat Bright Spark by digimonlover101

    [5] Source

    Raven As A Vampire by mr100dragon100

    [6] Source

    [Bat Tag] Is this Permanent? by EquestriaExploration

    [7] Source

    Ac13eb24-8346-46c4-9e01-beefd0755561 by NightStarDrawings

    [8] Source

    EqD Bat-Tag: Bat Pony Potty Mouth by 8-BitBrony

    [9] Source

    EqD Bat-Tag: Bat Pony Shotsie by 8-BitBrony

    [10] Source

    SageBrush as a Batpony by Sethmonster

    [11] Source

    Midnight Gleam Batpony by SadTrooper

    [12] Source

    Bat Tag - Thistleroot by Fantasyfreak18

    [13] Source

    Songbat(bird) serenade MS-paint Speedart by sallycars

    [14] Source

    No Reflection by PadS33

    [15] Source

    by whps0nn

    [16] Source

    Opuntia by SolsEtTournesols

    [17] Source

    Strings Under Moonlight [Bat Tag 2018] by Grymnoire

    [18] Source

    Bat Pony Spellbinder by SoulSliver249

    [19] Source

    Bat Tag OC challenge submission. Silver Chizel by legopony

    [20] Source

    Blue Scroll batted by Polonius25

    [21] Source

    Bat Pony Yana Sarnai by SilverWolfEye

    [22] Source

    Bat OC by Metallic-Roselle

    [23] Source

    Bat Tag 2018 - Bat Lyah! by Kyumiku

    [24] Source

    Bat Tag 2018! by EmbersLament

    [25] Source

    Gone Batty by Bubbly-Storm

    [26] Source

    Gone Batty! (Bat Tag 2018) by beashay

    [27] Source

    Bat tag 2018 by Staticpegasus

    [28] Source

    OC Princess Night Glow Turned Vampire by Joakaha

    [29] Source

    Starry Squeaker [Bat Tag 2018] by Aegann

    [30] Source

    Bat boy [Bat Tag 2018] by cosmichuevo

    [31] Source

    [OC] Spoopy Bat Horse by RandomlyDoodles

    [32] Source

    Azure Acrylic Bat Tag 2018 by rainbows2424

    [33] Source

    Candy Bat by Princess-Pink-Petal

    [34] Source

    Bat for a day by Heart-Sketch

    [35] Source

    Stardust Bat Tag! by MewTheBubble

    [36] Source

    [Personal/Tag] Batty Night by TeaGem

    [37] Source

    [Personal/Tag] Batty Teapot by TeaGem

    [38] Source

    Bat Tag 2018 by Ak4neh

    [39] Source

    .:Batty Baby Tabby:. [Personal/Tag] by xXCosmicCarrotXx

    [40] Source

    Bright Idea as a Bat Pony [Bat Tag 2018] by A-Bright-Idea

    [41] Source

    Bat Trixie appreciating Starlight (SFW version) by AceWissle

    [42] Source

    Bat Tag 2018 by Sanic-X

    [43] Source

    Bat Timing by ThunderStruck17

    [44] Source - Bombom13

    [45] Source - Winter Shade