• Discord Day - Open Art Compilation!

    Discord is a tough one, so we didn't get a ton of art for him, but a pretty respectable amount.

    The normal Open Art post will be tomorrow instead since he's taking up this slot. Expect that at 8:00 PM as planned!

    Now go get your open Discord art below!

    [1] Source

    Chaos Noodle by kazunekomori

    [2] Source

    How Not To Sketch Discord by AceWissle

    [3] Source

    Zoot Discord by Metallic-Roselle

    [4] Source

    Staring into the eyes of evil by daimando

    [5] Source

    Discord by SoulSliver249

    [6] Source

    Snake Finders by ImagineTears

    [7] Source

    Discord-lord-of-chaos by shirleycreates

    [8] Source

    Wonka by YewDee

    [9] Source

    DISCORD DAY!!! by Diamond06mlp

    [10] Source

    Animal Crackers by TexasUberAlles

    [11] Source

    Art Style #1 by Diamond06mlp

    [12] Source

    My drawing of Discord Day! by Dracorider19

    [13] Source

    Little Prince by ptitemouette

    [14] Source

    Realxing Undder An Autunm Tree by mr100dragon100

    [15] Source

    Discord Headshots by Tkitten16

    [16] Source

    .:A Second Chance:. by Meb90

    [17] Source - Christina