• Second Life's "Saddlewood" Pony Community Running Nightmare Night Event

    We haven't reported on the Second Life pony shenanigans in a while. Turns out they are working on something pretty cool. A community called Saddlewood has create it's very own MMORPG style Nightmare Night game for anyone and everyone to join. They also have ridiculously cute witch costumes, as seen above and with more screenshots below.

    They are running the live beta now with a full release set on the 31st of the month. Head on down below the break for additional information and a presser!

    Press release:
    Creative ponies from Second Life's Saddlewood have come together to put on a spooktacular event for the world this Nightmare Night. Designed and programmed completely from the ground up, these talented folks have created a whole stand-alone MMORPG in-game.

    Currently, a live beta is open, and you can come test things out! Expect a full release by the fated October 31st, and be ready to enjoy this throwback to the the first Ghost Hunt years past!

    "Gather around the fireplace children, and learn you a thing or two. The disharmony didn't simply arrive from another realm; it's been here among us for quite some time.  Greedy foals fighting over candy, unsettled rivalries, and a certain Rainbow Pony's lust for cider. The melancholy  within our own hearts is a dangerous thing when not kept in check - especially during Nightmare Night."
    The disharmonious elements have been unleashed unto us here in Saddlewood, now it's up to us to return the balance of harmony to our humble home!

    Use the weapons provided to fight against these evil spirits.  Earn experience to level up, and points to use at the Arcane Exchange to snag some cool loot made by talented community members!

    As this is in Beta, please note that only a few prizes are currently available. Additionally, not all aspects are released yet - expect daily prize additions, weapon changes, and balancing, all throughout the month of November. New expansions on this content is expected, to fit the season and to make all of the time and effort we put into this worth while to show the strength of our community!

    Additionally, Saddlewood is offering a few nifty, First Life rewards for people who donate a unique prize to the shop. From raffles to rent, why not stop by and give it a gander?

    Second Life URL to Saddlewood Welcome Center: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saddlewood/250/119/29

    Saddlewood Discord: https://discord.gg/Y3AvqAA

    If you are new to Second Life, or have questions on how to reach the event, please contact us through our discord, or through the blog. Thank you everyone for giving us a reason to produce amazing work for the community!
    Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween Er.. Nightmare Night!