• Fanfiction: Celestia of Equestria's tonic experiment


    Author: Acologic

    Description: So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness.' 
    'Comradeship consists of rubbing shoulders jocularly with a competitor.' 
    A story of madness, coincidence, truth and mundanity, and all of it delightfully bonding. 
    Princesses Celestia, Luna and Cadence have long enjoyed subjecting their Tartarus inmates to a variety of gruesome tasks, including tiddlywinks and monopoly. It's time to up the ante, however, for when a bet is struck between sisters, it simply must follow through. Enter the most extraordinary substance known to pony kind, aptly named, suitably avoided – Granny Fanny's Cold-Fire Brewed Filly-Delphian Tonic Water, with the Kick of Two Very Angry Mules.

    Celestia of Equestria's tonic experiment

    Additional Tags: Absolute total madness of life and friendship