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    • Is MLP a Drug?
    • Only What You Take With You: A look at the Tree of Harmony and the Young Six's...
    • How deep does the rabbit hole go?
    • Cracking the Equestrian Girls Timeline
    • A Kirin Moral

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    Is MLP Like a Drug?
    By: FlareGun45 (AKA: MegaSean45, I changed my name for pony sites)

    FIM has been really a highlight of my life and I learned a ton of great stuff from here, as well as been very entertained! But I liked this show so much that I became obsessed with it, obsessed with going on places like Equestria Daily, the MLP Forums, and the MLP Wikia non-stop when I'm on the computer or on my phone, and I'm starting to believe this series has become a drug to me.

    Is that bad thing? It depends. I've always loved this show, even when it aggravated me, but I like other shows too, but for some reason I keep more active in this fandom than the others, so much that it's interfered with my personal life. Always coming on here just to see if new news came around about a future season, or if someone made a cute Spike picture! Regardless, this is why I'm really hoping for season 9 to be the final season. I want my obsession of this show to end. My film career is just around the corner, but regardless, FIM will hold a very special place in my heart, FIM is FUM!

    So has this show been a drug for you? If so, how do you feel about that?

    Only What You Take With You: A look at the Tree of Harmony and the Young Six's Adventure with it.
    By Moonlit Stones

    Now that most everyone has seen the new episode "What Lies Beneath," I want to talk about my interpretations of the episode as I see it.

    For starters, the whole episode reminds me of Yoda training Luke on Dagobah in Empire Strikes Back, specifically the Cave of Evil sequence when Yoda says what's in the cave is "only what you take with you." And we all know what we saw in that cave.

    But how does this relate to the episode? When the Young Six enter the cavern underneath the school and see the Tree of Harmony's avatar, it's like Luke fighting his shadow as Darth Vader.

    However, like Luke, who learned his lesson over time about the dark side, our heroes learn that friendship can, will, and always be in their nature for what they did. By conquering their fears and doubts about themselves and each other, they passed their test by facing what they took with them in the cavern and freed themselves from their worries.

    So, as you can see, worrying and trying to fight your fears can be somewhat difficult, but if you have help, whoever it is, you may free yourself from what burdens you.

    How deep does the rabbit hole go?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    There are many mysteries, secrets, cover-ups, and ethically/ morally sensitive spells within Equestria. We have the secretive organization of S.M.I.L.E (Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria), and its unofficial faction F.R.O.W.N (Friendship Ranger Organization of Worldwide Neighgotiations). There’s the forced reformations spells that Twilight was desperately searching for in order to reform Discord, in “Keep Calm and Flutter On”, memory-erasing spells (stated in “Lyra and Bon Bon and the Mares from S.M.I.L.E.”), there’s also the secret organization that Daring Do is attempting to be initiated into, the Magical Council of the Ancients, whose founder is a pony called “Comet Tail the Starry-eyed”, who is behind many of Equestria’s legends and mysteries. in a book, Daring Do is attempting to pass an initiation test to have a seat on the Council as well, which requires getting her hooves on 22 rare artifacts that have also been seen in the series itself. With so much interconnecting plots and mysteries across canons, one is left to wonder just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Are we being misled that Starswirl is the biggest thing that FiM has to offer, or is the MCA's or S.M.I.L.E's objective to be brought to light, eventually?

    Cracking the Equestrian Girls Timeline
    by: Shallow15

    We've assumed Canterlot High operates like a "standard" high school: being a school that covers four years. What if it's actually a combined school, covering 7th-12th grades?

    A lot of things start to make sense. Want to make the case that the three pictures of Sunset in the first movie are all from the Fall Formal? Well, since the Fall Formal seems to be open to the whole student body, Sunset could easily have won the first time in 7th grade, then again in 8th, and finally in 9th (the Freshman grade), leaving the girls still in 10th grade at the time of the first movie.

    This also gives Sunset time to build her reputation, more time for her to have been in the human world and explains why Twilight never encountered her when she was Celestia's student. It also explains why the human versions of the CMC are there, despite seeming a lot younger than the other students.

    Yes, the events of the movies and such are still getting smushed into the last couple of years, but that's not implausible. CHS being a combined school does seem to fix quite a few problems with the order of events.

    A Kirin Moral
    By: indiana

    The episode Sounds of Silence was honestly the most enjoyable in season 8 for me and I am pretty sure I am not the only one. The reason for this is actually many reasons. There are even multiple morals in this single packed episode. One is the Yin&Yang or the good/evil duality that each of us has in themselves. Second is the fact that our society is more and more afraid of loosing their freedom of speech because of twisted views of certain groups. I won't give names but you can research for yourselves. And third and the one that I want to focus the most on is the fact that sometimes going through hard times can make you see the world through a whole different lens. I have to admit that I am a suicide surviver so I think I am qualified to say that I have seen the deepest depths of the abyss. Now I am happy. Sure, I still have money problems and I could say that I have even less than I had before in some aspects and yet for some reason I am way happier in this moment of life than I ever was before. Why? Because now I know the true value of the happiness that I have. If you think you are unhappy then take a moment to think about the guy that is about to have his head cut off. He wishes he had your problems instead.