• EQD Suggestion Gathering/AMA On Friday - Hiatus 2018 Edition

    WOE IS SPOTLIGHT, for she once again finds herself in another pony hiatus. This time extended by Hasbro's questionable syndication abilities.

    We are entering into our annual yearly content drought, and need your ideas and feedback to face the storm of... nothing. As always, it's more fun to gather ideas from the fandom as opposed to keeping it all cloistered in our internal EQD Discord chat. Truth be told, that chat is just bats and kirin anyway. You can't run a pony site on bats and kirin. I've tried.

    So lets do this thing again. It always gives us a bunch of good ideas and stuff to fix. On Friday at 5:00 PM, we will be running another AMA/Suggestion gathering post in the comments. Bring your ideas, feedback, criticisms, event plans, or whatever else you wish to improve the site with. Since most of this is fandom driven, fandom ideas are a good way to do it.

    The post will go up, and comments will open. Hard questions are more than welcome. It's no fun responding to a bunch of softballs. We tend to be drama-free here, but there are always a few festering sores that we don't hear about until long past them being an issue.

    See you all on Friday~