• Pinkie Pie Day Comes to a Close - Have Some Misc Submissions!

    Even Pinkie Pie needs a break eventually. The day is officially over, and Ponk had plenty of stuff for you to all check out. Considering we've already had three days dedicated to her, that's pretty impressive!

    If you want to catch up on Pinkie Pie day and check out older days, hit up the Pinkie Day tag.

    Applejack rocks the 20th of October for our next day. Feel free to start drawing for open art or creating other Applejack related things!

    We've got a few submissions that didn't quite have enough to go with them, so head on down below for crafts and analysis!


    Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna- More Similar than We Thought?

    From early on, we get to see just what Luna was like; we were told of her emotional state before she transitioned into NightmareMoon. This was caused by a desire to be appreciated by her subjects, like her sister Celestia was. Though ponies played and appreciated the day, Luna’s role of bringing the night was slept through and unappreciated for centuries, most likely. Later, as Pinkie’s character develops, we see this transformation of her as well, in “Party of One”, no sooner is she told and convinced that her friends no longer appreciate her and her unique talents in making other ponies happy, she turns into Pinkamena. This is seen also in Pinkie Pride, because she feels her entire life’s purpose isn’t being appreciated by those closest to her. Both Luna and Pinkie pride themselves on acknowledgement and having those dearest to them appreciate their efforts. Its not a selfish thing to simply desire to be noticed and be appreciated for the work you do, especially if its for others. It saddens me that these two ponies haven’t had much time to bond and discover just how similar they are.

    Pinkie Pie and Princess Celestia- More Similar Than We Thought?

    People don’t associate Pinkie with Celestia. They’re more alike than you think. Pinkie might even be better than Sunbutt at her nature! A line from the Princess always sticks with me- “Nothing means more to me than the well-being of all my subjects.” While that may hold true, she has repeatedly put Twilight and her friends, her own citizens, and the Crystal Empire’s citizens in danger many times, for the sake of grooming Twilight and teaching her life lessons. Even after scouting those perfect friends for Twilight to befriend, before she sends her student off to them, she only learns about them, their names, their personalities, in Twilight’s letters after she befriends them. But at the same time, she fought and banished her own sister for a millenia, stood up against Chrysalis, and sent reinforcements to help protect an empire that wasn’t her own. Pinkie goes above and beyond to know everypony’s name in Ponyville, what they like and don’t, filed in her party cave, goes out of her way to keep them in high spirits, even at her own expense (surely all those parties come out of her own pocket), and jumps to protect Ponyville from a parasprite invasion.

    Crafty Pie

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    MLP - 'Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes...'(engrave) by Cerebralis

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    Stained Glass Pinkie Pie by mekab-hiro

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    Pinkie pie Papercraft (with Gummy) by Ninjaspirit7

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    Quilling - Pinkie Pie by RzymonZPapieru

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    Pinkie Pies Dark Side by Ridleyman9000

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    I got a party canon! Your argument is invalid! by Malte279

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    Pinkie Pie Painted Flacon front by Malte279

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    Welcome to Ponyville, my little Pies! by Malte279

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    Pipe Cleaner Pinkie Pie Collage by Malte279

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    Pinkie Pie Flacon front by Malte279