• Fanfiction: Deer Me: Black Snow


    Author: The Psychopath

    Description: A 47 year-old man named Gregary is sent to the hospital and put into an artificial coma after collapsing in a store and sees himself being reborn in a beautiful winter wonderland to talking deer. Of course, he doesn't realize it, but he's born to one of the most important families there, and the Deer lands sit next to the Crystal Empire of the ponies, which Gregary is unaware of. How unfortunate it is, then, that he already had developed hearing and the first thing that reaches him is the word 'betrothal'. 'Who are the unlucky ones', one would wonder. Now he must live through the life of a young stag with many employees surrounding him and a village that looks like it's in Christmas all year. Strangely, the adults and elderly look at him with a disconcerting gaze. Is it because he doesn't act anything like them? Maybe he's too open to the idea of meeting other races. Who knows? This hallucination is likely to prove loaded with amusement, and Gregary intends to take advantage of it until it ends. Something forbidden stretches towards the northern lands, however, in search of their vengeance on one that yet lives and another that no longer is, and this might be the last time snow shines like a diamond.

    Deer Me: Black Snow

    Additional Tags: Luck over specialty