• Phase 6 Unveils 3rd Japanese Translated MLP Comic Volume

    Tonight we have some great news from the land of the rising sun! The next volume in the Japanese translation of the MLP Comics has been revealed!

    There are two variants for this edition. The first is the standard edition, which you can find on the left will be available to order internationally via Amazon Japan shortly after the book is released on October 27th.

    Yes, you read that right the book is coming out THIS SATURDAY!

    The release for the limited edition cover, which features the Equestria Girls in the work attire from the 2018 shorts is to be determined.

    Now… I'm absolutely floored that these two covers were created by Marvel Superstar Comic Artist Gurihiru.

    Gurihiru is currently working on The Unstoppable Wasp with MLP Comics Mainstay writer Jeremy Whitley.

    Oh Bobby!!! I think I know who Jeremy Whitley's next MLP comic artist partner should be! And they are not exclusive to Marvel.