• Once a Week Open Art Posting Begins! All Skill Levels Welcome

    We are trying a new experiment to give newbie artists, or even veterans that want to experiment with poses and styles they aren't comfortable with a place to practice! As was gathered back during our suggestion post a few weeks ago, people were looking for a post like the pony theme day open art compilations that regularly happen to display art that didn't quite make it to Drawfriend. As one of the harder posts to get into on the site, this should give a good alternative!

    What do you need to do? Create either a Deviant Art or Tumblr account, upload your art, and send a link to submit@equestriadaily.com with OPEN ART as the subject line. That's it! All new drawings are welcome.

    Pony days will still have an extra OPEN ART compilation, so feel free to draw for that instead each week. Or both. It's entirely up to you.

    This is only for new art, so anything created before this post will not be added. Please don't send something that was previously rejected. New submissions that don't make it to the Drawfriend will automatically go to Open Art unless the artist requests otherwise in their submission email.

    Posts begin on Friday at 8:00 PM, and will happen every Friday at 8:00 PM blog time, unless we don't have enough. If we get a ton of submissions, we can add an extra day.

    Hopefully this fosters a new place to help each other learn, as drawing can be one of the most challenging trades out there. I know I've bashed my head against it countless times.