• Episode Followup: "School Raze" Parts I & II

    Leaves you kinda speechless, don't it? It certainly did with me. Also sums up the episode quite nicely…

    Hello everybrony! Did you miss me? Cause I missed you! It's been a while since I've done one of this—which is expected when a little thing called life gets in the way—and a lot has happened since the last episode follow up I did hasn't it?

    So! Rather than get into old news, let's talk about some old news! Cause it's followup time everybrony!

    Also, do grab a sandwich. This is going to be a very long one. Not that my followups aren't usually long, but in this case we've got two parts to get through! So strap in everyone, let's go have some fun!

    Twilight Sparkle's Magical School of Friendship. (Only $59.99 on Amazon.com!)

    …wow. I said let's go have some fun. Instead we got a playset ad with the first shot of the episode.

    That was fast. Usually it's the second shot.

    But seeing this mare more than makes up for it! Yes! She's back! And as a post mare again to boot!

    Though, shouldn't she be watching where she is—


    I would question if Cozy Glow is being helpful or just stealing the mail from Derpy, but if you're reading the episode follow up you should already know the answer.

    She is clearly helping Derpy. She's such a good filly.

    However she was raised in a barn. Seriously how hard is it to close doors behind you?

    Though I have to say it does make for an interesting background shot of the School of Friendship's front door. I don't think we've seen it from this angle before.

    I really wish Hasbro had revealed the name of this raffle winning OC pony when they made their official announcement last week. Natalya's pony has a really cool design, and it's a shame we don't know her official name…

    But that isn't going to stop little miss helpful from showing this pony the way to her home room! What a nice filly!


    Accurate representation of my face when I saw this. Art by Trish Forstner 


    Or at the very least sharing a table with her…


    The Equestrian Alphabet is very strange. Though it might be at least partially decipherable is we saw the entire crossword puzzle and figured out where the answer Cozy Glow told Silverstream went.

    Why do I have the feeling the inbox is going to be flooded with that key any day now…

    Yeah, it would kind of look like Twilight's office right now. Huge tomes of information piled on the desk. Two cabinets full of hard liq—

    Two bottles on a side table next to her desk…

    *rubs bridge of nose*

    Nope. Not going to touch that one. Pinkie Pie can, and probably should, but I ain't going to touch this one. Not with that Alicorn Princess!

    Cozy Glow: "Trusty. I could talk to Twilight for you if you want."

    Trusty Splendor (a.k.a. me): "No, get her to start a checklist instead. That always makes her happy."

    Twilight Sparkle: "…and that is why Mega Mare X7 is the best game in that part of the franchise!"

    Cozy Glow: "I see. That is a wonderful opinion to have Headmare Sparkle. It's also factually wrong, but that is a delightful opinion nonetheless. You did a fantastic job thinking that argument through."

    This image and the next one are a fine example of an element in the show I absolutely love.

    Namely how backgrounds get a heck of a lot more detailed as you zoom in! Cloudsdale looks absolutely nothing like this in the previous shot! No hints of any of this architecture what so ever!

    Yet you zoom in and there it is!

    So freaking cool!

    Speaking of cool, Sandbar finds walking on clouds to be one of the best things ever!

    Also, Ocellus, you're a changeling. You have wings. Why are you bouncing on the clouds as if this is a completely new experience for…

    Right. This probably is. Nevermind! Have fun walking on clouds! I know I certainly am!

    Not one word out of you!

    I'm just going to say this is why Yona is best Yak! She is way too cute and adorable here!

    Bringing this up since it's the end of the season and this is something rather interesting. Shining Armor was promoted to them song character and didn't show up once in the entire season.

    Hopefully he'll show up in the special airing in two weeks. It would be nice to see him again before Season 9 begins in 2019.

    I love how all the ponies without wings (save Starlight) have realized just what situation they are in and are currently panicking for themselves.

    Unfortunately Producer Devon Cody was unable to act upon said instincts before plummeting through the clouds.

    Ocellus: "Don't worry, Yona."

    Gallus: "We got you."

    Yona: "This is why Superyak is best superhero. Lines don't work with wings!"

    Kind of surprised Sandbar isn't kissing the ground here. One would think almost falling to their death would have caused that.

    Starlight: "Supervising director, Jim Miller?"

    Rainbow Dash: "Starlight, what are you looking at?"

    Rainbow Dash: "Twilight, we have a problem! Starlight can see the credits!"

    Starlight: "Seriously, it's giving me the biggest of headaches."

    Starlight: "Is this what Pinkie Pie experiences all the time?"

    Rainbow Dash: "Also our students fell through the clouds after Starlight's cloudwalking spell failed."

    Yes Twilight, go right ahead an tick off the one pony in Equestria who knows how to rewrite the timeline. That seems like a really smart idea.

    Yes, adding insult to injury is a brilliant idea. I can clearly see why you are the Princess of Friendship.

    Starlight: "Oh sure. Now that Twilight's magic has failed, everyone panics about magic going on the fritz."

    Spike wins best face for the episode. Hands down. No contest. This wins! Congratulations—

    Spike. You already won.

    You can stop now.

    Seriously, you're going to hurt yourself if you keep this up.

    Rarity is worried about you. Stop it!

    Oh Spike. Now you've gone an done it. Off to Canterlot with you!

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Collection Playset. Only $49.99 on Amazon.com!

    I love how this background hasn't changed in 8 seasons. It really is perfect the way it is.

    All four Pony Princesses are in this throne room together for the first time since the Storm King's invasion of Equestria!

    I don't know if that this a nice bit of continuity or or a neat bit of trivia to hold on to for future trivia contests.

    Why is this mail pony here? We already have a perfectly good one who showed up in the beginning of this…

    Hold the phone! That's PixelKitties's Uniform Design!!!!

    So freaking cool!

    Princess Celestia: "Starswirl, you need to learn modern Equish. I can't make heads or tails of this."

    Twilight: "How much do you want to bet he's telling Princess Celestia we need to go to Tartarus to check on Tirek?"

    Pinkie Pie: "Don't be silly, Twilight. He's clearly telling Celestia Armageddon is upon us and we must all repent for holding up Celestia as the god of Equestria instead of the true creator or else we shall all suffer for eternity burning in the fiery pits of hell."

    Spike: "Yeah, I know what it's like to have a well thought out plan ruined by Twilight out thinking me. You can prepare for everything except for that. Trust me on this."

    I love how simplified all the Cutie Marks are on those

    Twilight: "Oh Spike, haven't you figured it out yet? I don't overly think out my plans. I always know what your plans are. Therefore I always plan around your plans."

    Spike: "Does that mean…"

    Twilight: "Yes, this means I plan around your feeble attempts to plan around my plans to counter your plans. Now say it."

    Spike: "…your genius knows no bounds."

    Is that Josh Scorcher on the left? Initial double take says yes, but Cutie Mark says no.

    That is clearly a legitimate letter signed by the substitute headmare declaring you her replacement since she changed her mind and decided to follow Twilight straight into hell.

    It's nice to see there are six students in the school who aren't initially swallowing her hogwash.

    Though Cozy seems awfully confident that no one is going to challenge her. I wonder who is going to be the first one to speak up.

    Smolder: "Do you really expect us to buy any of that bologna?"

    Cozy Glow: "Of course not Smolder. I know you can't spell bologna."

    I always had a feeling there was a reason why she was called Smolder.

    They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. As this beautifully rendered background illustrates, this is incorrect. The road is clearly not paved!

    Though it is covered in flies. Much to Rarity's displeasure.

    Oh no! It's the return of the Baked Bads! Spike and Fluttershy both know what that means!

    Pinkie Pie: "Huh, I wonder why this cupcake is green…"

    Pinkie Pie: "Now I remember…"

    Flies, bad food, and rain. Could this day possibly get any worse?

    Also, of interesting note. Everypony's mane is wet and sagging except for Fluttershy's and Twilight's. Might this be an animation error? I don't know.

    Spike: "So what, are we just going to wait under this tree until the rain stops while we have a very tight deadline to save the world?"

    Speed lines on Rainbow Dash's wings. I absolutely love this!

    Twilight Sparkle's Magical School of Friendship. (Only $59.99 on Amazon.com)

    I do believe this is the first time we've seen Twilight's castle at night. It looks really cool with all the lights on.

    Fun bit of trivia. Between this shot here, and how Trusty appeared on the certificate, I still haven't seen my full Cutie Mark.

    However thanks to Silver Quill—big thank you Silver Quill!—I have an approximation of what the full thing might look like! So freaking cool.

    Who knows. Maybe Trusty will show up in a future episode and I'll be able to see the whole thing. Until then, this is awesome!

    Why are libraries always creepy at night?

    Yona: "Yona have better question. What is on other side of bookcase that goes bump in night?"

    Yona: "Why is Cozy Glow sneaking out of crystal catacombs?"

    Gallus: "So… we're not going to investigate the catacombs to find out what Cozy is up to and instead follow her away from whatever it is she hiding?"

    Smolder: "Do you have any better ideas?"

    Gallus: "No. I was just making sure everyone was clear on the plan."

    Twilight: "There's an inscription here…

    'Through me you pass into the city of woe:
    Through me you pass into eternal pain:
    Through me among the people lost for aye.'"

    Twilight:  "'Justice the founder of my fabric mov'd:
    To rear my was the task of power divine,
    Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.'"

    Twilight: "'Before me things create were none, save things
    Eternal, and eternal I endure.
    All hope abandon ye who enter here.'"

    Pinkie Pie: "Way ahead of you Twilight! My hope was lost one season and a movie ago!"

    …I'm not going to question why Pinkie Pie has an emergency pizza delivery costume stashed at the gates of hell.

    I'm also not going to wonder how she knows this scheme of hers has worked at the gates of hell before.

    …Spike has the literal key to hell. And it was stored in Twilight's saddle bags…

    Twilight: "Say it."

    …your genius knows no bounds.

    "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him."—Revelations, 6:8.

    Shall we just call Fluttershy Hagrid?

    …did Princess Celestia seriously have each and every single monster that ever crossed paths with Twilight and her friends locked up in Tartarus? Cause that's certainly what it looks like.

    Gallus: "We're all  going to spy on her through the partially cracked open door instead of just one of us to reduce our chances of getting caught?"

    Yona: "Yes, Yona like this plan best. No secrets kept from friends!"

    Gallus: "…we are so going to get caught."

    Three guesses on who is sitting behind the chair and the first two don't count.

    If you guessed Chancellor "I cause multiple international incidents with one sentence" you win a the grand prize! Namely internet points!

    Which of course of worthless. Wasn't this fun?

    Cozy clearly thought so.

    No trip to Tartarus is complete without seeing this beautiful guard dog. Hello Cerberus!

    Good to know at least two of these heads are taking this job seriously.

    And they are all powerless to Fluttershy's charms.

    Yes, they really are just oversized puppies. Celestia really needs to come down and play with him more. Cerberus is her dog after all.

    That prison cell looks familiar…

    This slow reveal of Tirek was actually creepy. Very well done!

    My Little Pony goes full Silence of the Lambs by having Tirek channel Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Nicole Dubuc, you are an amazing writer for putting this in the show!

    Rainbow Dash: "Th-that little act of yours doesn't intimidate us! We're not scared of you."

    Tirek: "You should be."

    …do I have a file in Twilight's School of Friendship? I wonder what it would look like.

    Chancellor Neighsay: "Did they seriously think we wouldn't notice them?"

    Cozy Glow: "Why didn't they just have one creature watching to minimize the chance of being discovered?"

    Gallus: "Told you we were going to get caught."

    Just pointing out this is a pretty intimidating shot of Neighsay. I wouldn't want anyone to look at me like that if they were in a position of authority.

    I know there is a whole sequence where the Young 6 get locked up and Sandbar fakes out on betraying them… but that sequence is basically played straight and I have no commentary on it.

    Not that anyone would read it at this point since we are about 100 images in and I'm sure most commentators have copied and pasted their reviews for the episode in the comments section below by now.

    Time to really have some fun with this.

    Red Apple.

    Green Apple.

    Five Apples.

    Bloom Apple!

    I'm pretty sure my Red Fish, Blue Fish reference fell flat.

    I forgot how strong Earth Ponies are. Was Sandbar seriously going to throw an anvil at Apple Bloom's window?

    This episode is spending a lot of time in Tartarus.

    Twilight: "Tirek—"

    Tirek: "You're trying to be intimidating as the good cop. That's adorable."

    Rainbow Dash: "Why you insufferable—"

    Triek: "Do be careful. It is highly unwise to use your entire vocabulary in a single sentence. It would make your effectiveness as the bad cop null and void."

    Twilight: "Spike—"

    Spike: "Are you seriously about to ask the baby dragon who doesn't even come up to his kneecap to try and intimidate him?"

    Twilight: "You breathe fire!"

    Spike: "Breathed fire! Past tense! It's after sundown on the second day! Magical creatures don't have magic anymore… and that's beside the point!"

    Pinkie Pie: "Don't worry Spike! I got this!"

    Presented without context.

    Of course the CMC get Sandbar to do the sensible thing and investigate what Cozy Glow was doing in the catacombs.

    Dang that is pretty.

    So, what do our intrepid explorers discover in the underground caverns?

    I'm guessing this is a ritual to summon an eldritch horror. Or something potentially as terrifying that involves this particular spell matrix.

    Also, they found the location of their missing substitute headmare!

    Yeah, Starlight is not having a good day.

    But who could be responsible for capturing this very powerful unicorn?

    Certainly not this innocent child!

    Who is suddenly looking a lot less innocent…

    …and a lot more crazy! And evil! Crazy-evil? Yeah, crazy-evil!

    There is something inherently creepy about a child committing evil acts. It is also something which doesn't show up very often in pop culture.

    Which is why when I encounter them, I remember them vividly. Darla Dimple (Cats Don't Dance), Pride (Full Metal Alchemist), and Baby Doll (Batman: The Animated Series) all left huge impressions on me when I was growing up. There was just something about them which disturbed me on so many levels.

    I can now safely add Cozy Glow to the list.

    You know what Cozy needs to do here?

    It's the one staple of every evil villain does at one point in their careers.

    Aside from monologue their entire master plan when they think they've won…

    …and proclaim themselves the new ultimate ruler of the land.

    It's adorable how she made that crown out of tape.

    There's just one simple thing every villain must do to call themselves evil.

    Laugh maniacally!

    This would be a really cruel—and perfect—place to leave the episode on a cliffhanger.


    Unfortunately I'm not in the second part. So we can just end the episode followup now and call it a day.

    Fine. We'll continue onto Part II.

    Ladies and gentlebronies, behold the face of the Princess of Friendship as she realizes her star pupil has betrayed her. And all of Equestria.

    But mostly her.

    I agree with Twilight. Triek is being just plain creepy. I wouldn't want him to touch my face. That's for sure.

    Tirek: "One moment please. Gloating takes a lot out of me."

    While the rest of the Mane 6 are rushing to save the day, I can't but wonder what possible crime against fashion could Rarity have found that would earn her ire in hell.

    Rainbow Dash: "Don't worry Twilight! I know how to open this door!"

    Fluttershy: "Um Rainbow. Doesn't that door open the other way?"

    Presenting the world's first pegasus pancake with rainbow sprinkles.

    Rainbow Dash: "Anypony get the number of that truck?"

    Rarity: "Darling, I think you hit your head a little too hard that time. You were hit by an android not a truck."

    Fluttershy: "Rarity."

    Rarity: "Fine. It was two androids. And a giant bug monster."

    This is… a really interesting way of using the door seems as a horizon line to create a bird's eye view right above the vanishing point of Twilight Sparkle.

    So that's how a 3 headed guard dog sleeps. In turns!

    Speaking of monsters, let's go take a look at how things are going back in Ponyville.

    Apparently not according to Cozy Glow's plan. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

    She was kicked out of the office she stole fair and square by a far lesser villain. Oh woe is her.

    Just look at him grade those tests. Why Cozy Glow knows she can grade those papers far better than he can.

    Cozy Glow: "Pretty please? I can grade those tests for you and you can go back to your responsibilities at the EEA without worry! I can handle it! Why else would Twilight have placed me in charged?"

    Sorry filly, you've been denied!

    Can we just take a moment to stop and appreciate the composition of this shot. This sort of thing would not have been possible during the first season of the show.

    Sandbar: "Uh Apple Bloom, what are you doing?"

    Apple Bloom: "Pointing dramatically. I saw it in a movie once."

    Sandbar: "Don't only bad guys do that in the movies."

    Apple Bloom: "Is Doctor Caballeron a bad guy?"

     Sandbar: "Yes."

    Sandbar: "I'm pretty sure we don't want to get too close to that magic."

    Scootaloo: "Why not? It's a magical swirling vortex of doom sucking up all the magic in Equestria. What could possibly be dangerous about getting close to it?"

    Sweetie Belle (proper noun): the formal name for a dictionary.

    Dramatic Irony (noun): a literary technique, originally used in Greek tragedy, by which the full significance of a character's words or actions are clear to the audience or reader although unknown to the character.

    Scootaloo (proper noun): the formal name for a non-genre savvy flightless bird.

    It's a really good thing the CMC have long tails, cause if Sandbar had gone first they would all be in in big trouble.

    Ponies who are worried bite their lower lips. I do not recall if this is a new trait established this season, but even if it was, I absolutely love it!

    It makes every single pony who does it so freaking cute.

    Two questions.

    One, where did their magical chains go?

    Two, why isn't Yona breaking the door down? I'm pretty sure Yanks can smash anything that gets in their way.

    Though if Yona had we wouldn't have gotten this touching moment where Sandbar somehow climbs up the School of Friendship and then pries open the window with a crowbar.

    All without the use of hands…

    Is he in anyway shape or form related to Pinkie Pie?

    By Celestia's angel foodcake… he is.

    Twilight Sparkle's Magical School of Friendship. (Still only $59.99 on Amazon.com!)

    How did this playset end up in my online shopping cart?

    Oh look! This is a wonderful peaceful assembly of everypony in the school (save me and one other student) has been brought together for a formal announcement of the change in leadership.

    There is no way this could possibly go wrong.

    That is one mighty big book!

    Cozy Glow: "Wow Headstallion Neighsay! That is one mighty impressive rule book!"

    Cozy Glow: "It such a shame that Headmare Sparkle's is three times bigger than his."

    Cozy Glow: "Why it's almost as if his entire vendetta against this school is all about him trying to compensate for something."

    Gallus: "So… we're not going to help him right?"

    Sweetie Belle: "Gallus, you really need to work on being more direct when taking charge. Using sarcasm to convey the opposite of what you really mean only works when you're bantering about with your intellectual equals not inferiors."

    Yona: "Did little white unicorn just call Yona dumb?"

    Gallus: "No. That isn't at all what she said."

    Yona: "Okay!"

    Yeah. Seeing him in chains was a treat!

    I'm still kind of surprised Celestia didn't do that time after he nearly started a world war with his racist remarks.

    Once again,m we have confirmation that this stallion is not Josh Scorcher. I repeat, this pony is not Josh Scorcher.

    I love how Neighsay's eyes go straight to the skull in the box.

    Cozy Glow: "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well."

    Neighsay: "If this is what she does to ponies she does well, I really don't want to know what she'll do to me."

    See. I told you biting the lower lip makes any pony unbelievably cute. Even racist knuckleheads who look suspiciously like a marvel super hero.

    Strange isn't it.

    This was the moment Cozy Glow remembered she forgot about the three most destructive beings in Equestria who could quite literally ruin her plans while getting her covered in tree sap.

    Poor Neighsay. He's been reduced to shifting through the garbage to escape.

    Neighsay: "Oh this is just perfect. Have you come here to gloat?"

    Gallus: "Yes."

    Smolder: "Totally."

    Ocellus: "You really had this coming."

    Yona: "But Yona here for one more thing. Does nasty pony know old Yakyakistan about revenge being dish best served cold?"

    It was at this moment that Neighsay cowardice truly shown through as he couldn't bare to look his untimely end in the eye.

    Silverstream: "Psyche! We really had you going there, didn't we.

    Neighsay: "Hilariously so."

    Sandbar: "Perhaps we went a little bit too far. Uh Yona, you might want to take a few steps back."

    This pony is clearly not Doctor Strange.

    That is clearly not a sling ring.

    And that is clearly not a magic portal which can tansport anyone anywhere in existence.

    Yeah. Neighsay is visually inspired by Doctor Strange and I love it!

    Fluttershy: "There is nothing better than a girl playing fetch with her dog."

    Twilight: "Fluttershy, we're trapped in hell."

    Fluttershy: "I know, but it really is just the cutest thing ever."

    Spike: "10:21 AM. Fluttershy has officially entered stage one of grief."

    Twilight, if you really need a magic battery, you're looking at the largest source of magic on the planet.

    Also… does Pinkie Pie have a stash of marshmallows in Tartarus for marshmallow emergencies?

    Twilight Sparkle: "So Spike, how did the inventory of our supplies come out?"

    Spike: "After taking into account all of our supplies, and rate of consumption, we'll be dead in under a week."

    Pinkie Pie: "Don't worry Twilight! I have a plan to get us out of here!"

    Spike: "Why is Pinkie Pie pointing off screen?"

    I love this detail of how each of Cerberus's heads has their own personality.

    Seriously, most magical pony in Equestria right there! Where did she get that birthday hat that perfectly fits Tirek's color scheme?

    And how did she bake that cake?!

    Pinkie Pie: "If you think this is torture, just wait until you see me in my monkey suit."

    Apple Bloom, you really shouldn't be making that face until after you've beaten the bad guy. For all you know, Cozy might just outsmart you and lock you in a broom closet.

    Scootaloo: "Uh. What are we doing in a broom closet."

    Sweetie Belle: "Maud dang it."

    So this is Cozy Glow channeling her inner Kylo Ren. Interesting.

    Sandbar: "Don't step on that Yona!"

    Yona: "Why can't Yona step?"

    Sandbar: "Do you really want to break your mother's back?"

    Biting lower beak does not make Gallus look cuter than he already is.

    I also questions how this works cause a beak is made up of two very solid parts and…

    What? Can I not question how something is possible in a kids cartoon?

    Or is that something only reserved for the Brony analysis community?

    Gallus: "Well actually—"

    Ocellus: "Gallus, that's my line. Now stuff it."

    Why do I have the feeling Smolder knows more about Knucklebocker's Shell than Twilight Sparkle does.

    Also, why do I have the feeling that Dragon Lord Ember loaned it to the School of Friendship? Maybe this will be something that is explored in season 9. Like perhaps a second set of Elements of Harmony?

    This is how the bad guys win. Accuse the good guys of doing exactly what you've done before they can get a word out to rile up an angry mob.

    It's a good thing this tactic only works in fiction and or the past. We're way too smart to fall for that trick now.

    Only Fluttershy could tame these wild monsters so that they won't kill everyone the second they gout out.

    Though it should be noted that Chimera is sentient and really didn't need Fluttershy to interpret for them.

    Pinkie Pie: "See, I told you my monkey suit was even worse torture!"

    Tirek: "I regret everything I have ever done in my life which has led to this moment."

    This is the weirdest Care Bear Stare I have ever seen.

    Oh look! Fluttershy has new cuddly animals to add to her animal sanctuary!

    Look! Everypony is escaping! Now it is time to save the day and…

    It's sunset on the final day has come to an end.

    Twilight: We're too late…

    Well, this is a terrible situation our protagonists have found themselves in.

    Gallus, opposing Cozy Glow right now by calling her out for what she has already accused you of isn't going to do anything except…

    …incite the angry mob.

    Oh look. The portal to Dougland has opened. I think I can see Sunset Shimmer from here!

    And good triumphs because evil forgets the Tree of Harmony is sentient and is the ultimate Deus Ex Machina.

    I think we all know what's coming next.

    Rainbow power? Check.

    Elements of Harmony empowered saviors of Equestia? Check.

    Villain who cannot believe their plans are falling apart right before their eyes? Double check.

    It's time to make this filly taste the rainbow!

    Taking bets. Who foresees these things becoming the next elements of harmony?

    Literally all that is missing from this is the Rainbow Colors being blasted from each artifact. If this isn't foreshadowing for season 9, I don't know what is.

    I love the design of the ceiling. Though I do have to question who painted these secret tunnels. After all, the Young 6 were the first to discover them.

    And so magic was returned to the land of Equestria.

    Including the entire…


    Did the royal guard go on a major recruitment drive after the Strom King's invasion? Cause I'm pretty sure that isn't a guard detachment but rather a standing army.

    I love how everyone is happy they have their magic back, but Dash is treating this development like it's not big deal since they didn't save the day.

    Starlight already knows what is about to happen…

    …and was well prepared to catch Yona mid jump. Good thing her magic was restored before then or else this would have ended poorly for the guidance consular.

    Cozy Glow: "You! You all ruined everything! I would have taken over Equestria if it weren't for you—

    Cozy Glow: "—delightfully perfect friendship students who I am going to report to Professor Twilight have all done nothing but aced their exams while she was out in Tartarus."

    Cozy Glow: "So… uh."

    Applejack: "Cozy, we know that's a load of hogwash. Tirek told us everything."

    Twilight offers out her olive branch of friendship, which has always worked. So this episode should be ending right about—

    Wait! Twilight was rejected! And with the most epic stink eye I have ever seen!

    Twilight clearly doesn't know what to do in this situation. She's never had her offer of friendship thrown back in her face before.

    Starlight has, so she understands what Twilight is going through, but this rejection doesn't help matters out.

    So Cozy's escape route has been blocked by the very angry mob she tried to incite!

    And then by the… Celestia and Luna are doing something productive?! They aren't being Worfed in this two parter!

    Holy smokes. Next thing you'll tell me is that the Royal Guard is doing to do something useful.

    … I don't believe it.

    Everybrony, Flash Magnus has increased the effectiveness of the Royal Guard by 100% percent. They are now capable of arresting an evil little girl as a group with overwhelming numbers.

    Twilight: "Spike! What are you doing?!"

    Spike: "Handing out honorary diplomas to the saviors of Equestria."

    Twilight; "Why?"

    Silverstream: "Because we saved Equestria using the magic of Friendship! So now we're ready to graduate from school!"

    Sandbar: "Just like you did Professor!"

    Neighsay: "Do you want to tell them or should I?

    Twilight: "I had twelve doctorates when I saved Equestria with my friends."

    Spike: "Your turn to say it."

    Young 6: "Your genius knows no bounds."

    Scootaloo: "So is this what they mean by coming out of the closet?"

    Sweetie Belle: "You seriously need to read a dictionary."

    Awkward group laughs are always a wonderful way to end the a cartoon episode. Everything is all nice and happy again!

    Welcome back to the status quo.

    Twilight Sparkle: "So what happened to Cozy Glow?"

    Celestia: "Don't worry about it. I've got our top ponies working on it."

    Twilight Sparkle: "Which ponies?"

    Celestia: "Top ponies."

    Poor Cerberus. He has to cuddle up with the most vile creature in Tartarus for companionship.

    At least Tirek won't be lonely anymore.

    One: Celestia was not lying when she said top ponies where working on the Cozy Glow situation. Can't get more top that best princess Princess Luna!

    Two: Where. Are. Luna's. Batpony. Guards!

    Mind you I am very happy we now have confirmation that mares are serving in the Royal Guard ranks, but seriously were are Luna's personal guards!

    They were honestly the best looking guards the show has ever had.

    Nightmare Moon - Crime: tried to plunge the world into eternal darkness and commit regicide. Punishment: Blasted by Elements of Harmony and installed as the second monarch of Equestria.

    Discord - Crime: tired to plunge the world into eternal chaos! Punishment: Put in stone timeout for a year and forced to become best friends with Fluttershy.

    Queen Chrysalis - Crimes: tried to over throw Equestrian government (twice), round up its citizens as a food source (twice), and impersonate a bride at her wedding (once). Punishment: banished from Equestria by the very food source which they need to survive, overthrown from power by former loyal subjects.

    King Sombra - Crime: Enslaved crystal empire and removed it from the world for 1,000 years. Punishment: Blasted into a million pieces and presumed killed.

    Tirek - Crime: Tried to eat all the magic in Equestria by removing it from the country's citizens. Punishment: Locked away in Tartarus for all eternity.

    Starlight Glimmer - Crime: Almost erased all of reality in a petty quest for revenge against Twilight Sparkle by using time magic. Punishment: Made into Twilight's personal student to learn the magic of friendship.

    Cozy Glow - Crime: Tried to remove all the magic from Equestria and install herself as the new empress of Friendship. Punishment: Locked away in Tartarus for all eternity.

    I know some people take issue with Cozy Glow's punishment, but when you get right down to it, her crime is at its core the same as Tirek's and she got the same punishment as him. So… *shrugs*

    Well ending up in Tartarus was clearly not her end goal all along.  And on that ominous note cue the music!

    Well this was a very fun season finale! Cozy Glow was a fine villain and I can't wait to see how this last minute cliffhanger gets resolved in the future!

    A tidbit of information before we go. I've known I was going to be in the season finale since April (and right before season 8 premiered). For that was when I got my certificate showing what my OC pony design looks like.

    So yeah, I called dibs for writing the episode followup for the finale way back then.

    Hope everyone had as much fun reading this episode followup as I did writing it! Until I see you for the next followup I write in season 9, this has been The Illustrious Q Trusty Splendor!

    See you all in the comments!