• The Two OC's From HASCON's Raffle Were Animated in the Finale - Here They Are!

    Way back in September of 2017, a raffle took place during the first ever official HASCON. During the convention,  a paid "Mane Event" happened, with the included perk of each attendee getting an OC created by Hasbro artists based on a short personality quiz (picture below the break).

    Two lucky people would have those OC's added to the actual show, and since the season finale has officially aired in Sweden and Denmark, we finally get to see what said characters look like!

    Since The Illustrious Q here on EQD actually won one of these slots, we have some information on that first pony up there. Unfortunately the rainbow filly is still a mystery. Hopefully we get a name for her later on.

    For now, get some details below.

    This is the certificate everyone that entered the VIP contest received regardless of if they won or not. As I mentioned at the intro, a short quiz asking various personality questions was filled out by everyone in attendance. The people attending also had their picture taken, though in the case of WeAreBorg, they aren't entirely accurate.

    The Illustrious Q on the other hand was one of the two names drawn, and had the pony above, Trusty Splendor, created in his image which is actually a pretty good comparison. His certificate also includes a second section noting that the pony would appear in the 25th episode of season 8, as seen in these screenshots:

    Hopefully we can get some information on the filly as well at some point. For now though, two fandom OC's have officially been added to the show! At least Hasbro designed versions. HASCON 2019 is way off in September of next year, so chances are it won't be in time for the 9th season of horse to do this again. Who knows though. We've got a 200th episode coming up. That might be a chance to Hasbro to add even more OC's to celebrate the end of G4~