• Bonus Music #151

    Bonus music is here again! We've got a remix of the Kirin Tale song, some experimental stuff and bunch of other cool tunes as well. Check them all out below the break!

    [1] Source
    TCB - Admirer (feat. Ditherer) [Buffalo Brony Version]
    Vocal - Hip Hop

    [2] Source
    Dynamite Grizzly (feat. fractilx) - TAKEOFF [DASH VER.]
    Instrumental - Breakcore

    [3] Source
    Skelter - Sunshine
    Instrumental - Electro House

    [4] Source
    Coltcrusher - Slaughta Alotta Equestria (LYRIC VIDEO)
    Vocal - Metal [Explicit Content & Gore Warning]

    [5] Source
    PeKaNo - Hurt By Strangers
    Instrumental - Tribecore

    [6] Source
    Toby Macarony - A Kirin Tale (Remix)
    Vocal - Electronic

    [7] Source
    Night Blaze - Millenium
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [8] Source
    GhostXb - Something Isn't Right
    Instrumental - Atmospheric Noise


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