• 8th Anniversary Discussion: What Kept You Interested in Pony for So Long?

    8 Years ago, Friendship is Magic started airing on an off-shoot channel called "The Hub", that a tiny amount of people actually had a subscription to. While the other shows it started off with died after a season or two, pony thrived thanks to it's sudden meme-status on the internet. Thousands of screencaps flooded pretty much every corner. I remember looking up local outages for my internet back then and running into pony avatars on some random cable internet website commenting that their connection was dead and thinking "I literally cannot escape this".

    Needless to say, we've come a long way. We've survived drama storms, channel switches, two years of completely off the wall schedules, and more. Many have left, but a ton of people remain and still produce enough pony content to keep a dedicated site going all day every day. That is just nuts.

    So, what drew you into the show and what has kept you here for so long? Even if you just joined a year ago. What about these characters keeps you watching?