• Sunset Shimmer Day Ends! Plus Misc Submissions


    Sunset Day is officially over. It couldn't last forever unfortunately! Hopefully you all enjoyed it. To catch up easily or find oldschool sunny days for more, hit up her tag.

    Your next pony celebration is set for October 7th, which I think we can swing. Pinkie Pie is your focus this time, so get going on drawing her so I don't get flooded with submissions an hour before the open art post goes up!

     Now go get some submissions that didn't quite have enough stuff to pair with below. Just the new stuff, so if it's old and already posted it won't be below.


    Lotus Position

    Rap Song

    Part 2






    The Troubles with Trixies

    unset Shimmer has made everything perfect for proposing to Trixie. A luxurious restaurant, a beautiful ring, and she's invited Starlight and Princess Twilight to be there as witnesses. But when Starlight shows up with Trixie instead, Sunset and Trixie feel emotions rising as their journey of love comes across a bump. Sunset and Trixie confront themselves and each other as they find out if they can take the next step together or not.


    Driver's Side

    It's not easy living far out in the west end of the city and working downtown, but Sunset manages. The drive to and from work with her girlfriend, though, can be an exercise in patience. Between her bad days that she has, the bad days Twilight has, and just life in general, being trapped in a car together for half an hour can put a strain on them both.

    It's easy to lose sight of things and tunnel vision on the road ahead. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and see things from the other side of the aisle.

    Philomena 2: Lullaby for a phoenix

    It has been her dream since she was a little filly. Living in a majestic castle, learning incredible magical feats, standing side by side with Princess Celestia. Yet great honour always comes with great responsibilities. Who could have ever have imagined though that the young filly would have to take care of a very demanding phoenix?
    Moreover things get even tougher, when her mentor asks Sunset to accomplish a very difficult task: open her heart to other ponies and make new friends.

    Will she be up for the challenge?


    [1] Source

    Sunset Shimmer pyrography (Brettchen) by Malte279

    [2] Source
    Slate Sunset Shimmer painting by Malte279