• Mega Compilation Album Ponies At Dawn Enigma Radio Release Info!

    Ponies At Dawn's new album full of 72 awesome new tracks from the fandom is releasing this weekend, and to celebrate there's going to be a huge release party streamed over on PonyvilleFM! Featuring new music from 4EverfreeBrony, John Kenza, Silva Hound, Jyc Row, PrinceWhateverer, Foozogz, and heaps more, it's going to be quite the event. You can pre-order the full album here, and check out a teaser video of all the tracks as well some extra info below the break!

    Ponies at Dawn presents our 15th album, Enigma! As usual, all donations go towards the artists who helped to make this album come to life. This album was thematically based upon the ideas of mystery, intrigue and unlocking hidden potential. We're proud of how well everybody came together to help construct this album, and we're hopeful you will enjoy it as well! 

    The album will be showcased in full via a live audio stream on PonyvilleFM at 5PM EDT/9PM UTC on the 28th of September, with the album releasing towards the end of the stream. Once released, the album will be able to be downloaded for any price, including $0! 

    Make sure to show up early for some awesome DJ sets from some of PonyvilleFM's best resident DJs, and stick around afterwards for even more. The show itself will be hosted by Lycan of LycanDeseBeats, and DJT of Ponies at Dawn. 

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    Credit for the amazing artwork goes to Shamanguli.