• New "The Starswirl Do-Over" Novel Revealed - And Possible EQ Episode

    A new book has appeared on Hatchette in the Equestria Girls universe. Oddly enough, the synipsis for it says it is based on digital content, so it might be a hint at a new short or series coming up.  The release date is February 5th, so it will most likely be some time before that.

    Head on down below for the description.

    In this interactive book based on all-new Equestria Girls digital content, YOU control the ending!

    All the Equestria Girls are excited to be at the Starswirl Music Festival, but no one is more excited to see PostCrush, the most amazing pop duo ever, than Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie! The only problem is…Sunset Shimmer is trapped in a time loop! She keeps reliving day one of the festival over and over, and she hasn’t been able to make the right decisions to get to the big show. Help Sunset Shimmer find a way to figure out what kind of Equestrian magic is behind this and make it to the PostCrush concert with her best friend so she doesn’t stay stuck forever!

    Thanks to Gian for the heads up.