• Kyle from Everfree Northwest Releases a Public Apology

    Following yesterday's statement about the drama that has been going on for the last week involving Everfree Northwest's leadership, the VP of their parent company who was the center at all of it has released a public apology.

    It sounds like quite a bit will be changing behind the scenes to make sure something like this never happens again, and they want to re-assure everyone that anyone involved in the twitter war will not be banned or blocked from attending in any way.

    You can head on down below to read it.

    Kyle's Public Apology:
    I am sorry.
    I have been dedicated to supporting Everfree Northwest for many years now. I am currently the President of the Board of Pegasi Northwest, and I oversee all of the financial aspects of the convention as well as appoint the Convention Chair. This does not give me the right to act the way that I did, and does not excuse my actions. There are no excuses for the way I behaved. I want to take full responsibility for everything that has resulted from the way that I lashed out at members of our community, and I apologize for letting rage guide my actions and responses to people seeking answers.
    Again, I am sorry. I humbly ask forgiveness for my mistakes.
    I want to make it clear that throughout all of this, everyone on my team, including Scott, tried to talk sense into me, but I would not listen. It took time for me to cool off, step back, and see the damage that I caused. Now it’s time for me to attempt to make things right.
    No one deserves to be treated the way I spoke to members of our artist and vendor community. No one should or will be banned from attending Everfree Northwest for taking any part in this. After reviewing my actions, I know that I went overboard in my defense of Scott. I was blindsided by anger, and used my position of power to make impulsive attendance bans. These are all invalid. To demonstrate this, our team will not enforce any of these bans (even if they came from legitimate violations of our Code of Conduct), in an effort to move past all that has happened. Simply put, no one will be banned for any actions taken in relation to this matter.
    I will not be stepping down from my position as President of the Board at this time... but in days to come, it will be a consideration I will be pondering with the same fervor these actions were taken with. For now, however, I will return to my place behind the scenes managing the convention’s finances, and let the executive staff of Everfree Northwest do what they do best. I have also deactivated my Twitter account permanently.
    Furthermore, we are in the process of establishing bylaws to separate duties between board and convention authority and power, thereby creating a stronger check and balance system.
    Please have faith in Everfree Northwest - it is a good and honest convention full of dedicated volunteers. I ask that you not let my mistakes reflect poorly on the convention or its staff and executives. I hope that the community can forgive me and look forward to Everfree Northwest 2019 with excitement and optimism.
    I apologize for my actions and humbly ask for forgiveness. Please allow me to grow and learn from this mistake by giving me a second chance.
    Kyle Elliott President of the Board Pegasi Northwest