• Let's Review: MLP #70

    Tis Wednesday, oh viewers! Today's a new book. And I'm here to answer if it's worth a quick look.

    A challenge awaits me on this Zecora's day. I have to write in rhymes, to my own dismay.

    But challenge accepted, for I am a toiler. Find the review below, with many a spoiler!

    Today's new comics is anything but mild. Because it's a sequel to Grannies Gone Wild.

    Please forgive if I call you a hag,
    for manipulating a pony to be your nag.

    Its art is made by Toni Kuusisto, aka Pencils. He knows how to wield all those drawing utensils. There's details abound with many small lines. It shows how he's practiced so many times. He's strong with the faces and each new expression. From Applejack's glee to Rainbow's depression.

    I wonder if Pencils could give any tips
    on how to draw strange pony lips.

    The settings are vivid from castles to parks. But one thing I notice is all the cutie marks. It varies by artist, the methods they've used. But digital marks I think are abused. Yet with Pencils I'm lost and can't understand. Did he use a computer or draw them by hand? My first guess' the former, for the marks are quite tiny. If he drew them by hand, then I'd say "cor blimey!"

    That mark seems too perfect as seen by my eyes.
    But I don't trust my peepers, who often tell lies.

    One note is the layout, but I'd not call it lame. Just have fun like Price, who makes it a game. There's one attempt with panels arrayed like a Droste. It's difficult to follow whilst bridges are crossed. Where does it end and where'd it begin? It's a fun to see but confusion's built in.

    This panel right here is all too showy.
    For some reason I thinking "David Bowie".

    The plot of the story is easy to say. It's for bingo, a game Dashie'd not play. To make it less boring, she'd make it extreme. But the invasion of privacy is rather obscene. To homes and castle she darts in quite fast. With a race to see who can gather the last. There no point in covering each mini-scene. Read it yourself; you know what I mean?

    These two haven't spoken since the second season.
    This scene reminds us of the main reason.

    But let's talk of karma and what is deserved. For Applejack alone pain is reserved. The others have helpers, both happy and unwilling. Applejack's with Granny, when she should just be chilling. It's much like the episode and rules she once said. Because she fears the words, "Oops, Granny Smith's dead!" In the show there's no moral. Applejack does no learning. This issue's all payback, with maybe some burning.

    A home invasion is a reason to vent.
    But I have to wonder, does she still pay rent?

    AJ's goals are loving but wrong. Though I think it's Dashie who erred all along. The thing with Wild was the option of choice. Each Golden Girl held the power of her voice. From dancing to feasting, they'd each get to choose. But this contest's about who's going to lose. No choice in the matter, just get to the race. Yet even Dash sees it's a dangerous pace.

    Pain is funny, so long as deserved.
    This is justified, from what I've observed.

    AJ and Rainbow are opposite parts of the scale. Too far in one direction and it's better to bail. The goal should be choice and to set your own pace. If a pony pushes too hard, then break out the mace!

    Oh Twilight, dear Twilight, you innocent fool.
    Why did you think that cloning was cool?

    The cameos are fun with each of the Mane Six. Though Fluttershy's presence doesn't quite fit the mix. She's only seen in one lonely panel. As one of her fans, I've emotions to channel. This issue has ponies, more than you'd believe. Even a cameo from a serpent named Steve. The search is quite fun and a welcome romp. It's at the end that your heart starts to bump.

    Details abound in this scene of great fears.
     I feel for Applejack with all of her tears.

    A moment's danger brings things to a boil. And every pony laments their own toil. The message is about limits, which we all need to set. Failure to do so can lead to regret. It's fun and light hearted and hits the right mark. Though looking at the hunt, it seems rather dark. Between many locations the Golden Girls zoom. And for many a pony this spells all their doom.

    Many a cake was devoured this day.
    For every single one, Pinkie shall pay!

    Give it a look and focus on the fun. I think you'll be pleased when all's said and done. It's chalked full of humor and some very nice things. Case in point, we see Spike with new wings!

    That bingo ball is marked like a plane.
    All of this rhyming will drive me insane!

    An end to this rhyming is what you're all pleading? Well, I'm Silver Quill and thank you for reading!

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