• Hipster Trixie Poetry Jam

    The morning is here, but the help is late
    Great and Powerful Trixie, sadly accepts her fate 

    A simple mid-show break, best pony did demand
    A poetry jam she wanted, from her freshly hired hand

    But alas, her wishes have unfortunately not been granted
    While planning to slip away, her name the crowd has chanted

    And so Trixie returns, completely lacking coffee
    The hipsteriest of hipsters, chewing on her toffy

    But wait, whats this? Is that a group of bronies? 
    It's  rumored that they just happen to be completely obsessed with ponies!

    And so you've been conscripted, absorbed into her show. 
    Trixie gets her coffee break, while you express your flow

    A poetry jam to do, so she can freshen up
    In the comments you must rhyme, while Trixie drinks her cup.