• Episode Followup: On the Road to Friendship - AKA What GEN 5 Should Be

    (Yeah I stole it. Technically everything about this fandom is stolen, right? Right.) 

    Somewhere out there in the vast and chaotic multiverse, there is a world just like ours. A planet filled with intelligent super-evolved monkeys who spend their days bitching at each other on Reddit and writing furiously angry reviews about modern day reboots that are ruining their childhood nostalgia. Do you know what they don't complain about though? What you will never see argued about in their Youtube comments? Their version of the MLP.

    Yes indeed, good followers of Equestria Daily. I have seen the light. I even read the comments on their version of this site. It's a constant stream of praise. Everyone loves the Glimmer. Everyone praises the Trixie. The writers there can do no wrong, for their subject matter is entirely built around this incredible foundation of a show dedicated to the truest of pairs the internet has ever seen.

    Some day, perhaps after 2019, you too will get to experience the promised land of digital equine entertainment. It has opened my eyes. It has made me a better person. The Starlight and Trixie Show should definitely make the dimensional leap and become our future.

    But alas, we have only a single glimpse at what these two are capable of this season, so let us venture forth and celebrate it.

    Warning: Gets shippy, cause who doesn't ship these?


    Lets start with Flurry though cause that was cute AF.

    And this too, cause it's the opposite.

    I may spend 90% of my time on Boola and Bats these days, but nothing is more exciting than a GREAT and POWERFUL entrance.  Twilight is over there mastering Teleportation way back during season one, yet the mere fact that Trixie is the one doing it has her beaming with pride at true unicorn prowess. That's how much charisma she exudes.

    Yet somehow,  they found a way to improve what is already at the pinnacle. A pair of ponies so great that the word pinnacle is no longer the actual top of the English language.

    I have to admit. Most of this followup is going to be ridiculous just so I can post all the screencaps. I'm sorry but I literally cannot resist. I doubt most of you read these anyway. 

    Does that count for our mandatory followup butt?

    Haha, I kid. There will be more butt. 

    Is Glimmy ever as happy as she is around Trixie~?

    How has this not spawned a fanfic yet? Not that I read those or anything.


    [  Poetry jam edition  ]

    Was there ever, truly, any doubt?

    That the Greatest Mare, with the cutest snout.

    Would change the face of our pony show.

    With eyes so deep, and mane so flow.

    What Grace! What Beauty! Her skills are unmatched!

     For this pony, this goddess, we have become quite attached. 

    Eight years it has been, with her presence we improved.

    Like a freight train of magnificence, the fandom she has moved.

    Appreciated she is, in fan art there is loads.

    Explicit some may be, she travels many roads.

    Countless admirers she does have, enthusiastic they can be.

    When they pair her with her bestie, much romance we do see.

    Their lives an open book, a spectacular saucy fanfic.

    Except the part when Trixie grows a giant veiny horse d- CeaseAndDesist.jpg


    They do make a great pair though~

    [no comment]

    I've always wanted to see the inside of her wagon.

    As completely platonic friends of course.

    This followup is going right off the deep end isn't it? Good thing no one reads this.

    I want to play Dragons Den with Glimmy.

    Why is life so unfair?

    I have no idea why a pony that hates camping has camping spices though. I guess a pony that hates camping would consider spices a mandatory camping supplies item now that I really consider it.

    Trixie secretly likes the smell of smoke bombs. That must be why she doesn't have a lid.

    That's one jungle I wasn't expecting her to raid with Glimmer in her wagon~

    Alright I'll stop. I've been watching too much Totally Legit or something. 

    Lets just take a moment to appreciate whoever animated Glimmer here:

    It really is magical isn't it?

    This season was super light on the musical numbers up until the final run, and I, for one, think it was totally worth it. Apparently it was a parody of Road to Morocco, but can we all agree that watching this 20 times is guaranteed to cure depression?

    Also wet mane Glimmer

    And Trixie, though her crazy amount of product seems to negate the majority of it.

    Based on some of the art submissions we get, someone is into this.

    When I first watched this song back when it was released in Swedish, I didn't even catch this part. The second time I watched it and thought it was Glimmer and her freaky good barrier magic. Imagine my surprise when I went to screen cap it for the followup, and it turned out to be Trixie.

    The reflexes! The style! Was the Greatest and Most Powerful Unicorn really there all along? Just waiting for a teacher to unlock dat endless potential?!

    God damn this song is pure unadulterated HAPPY.

    Except these two. Too bad disgruntled mares are just as cute as happy ones. Does that make me a monster?

    Seasonal wallpaper pack anyone? We need these in 1920 with artifacts fixed and logos removed. Someone do it!

    Hopefully now that you've all heard the way she says "For 9, at least" I'll stop getting emails saying I'm a clickbait monster for our earlier post. I'm hoping for more than 9, but she's definitely hinting at just 9!


    As much as I want that song to last forever, I love me some Egypt ponies. I may or may not have made that apparent over the last year.

    I guess Twilight's School of Friendship doesn't pay all that well if a burrito wiped out their food budget. That or Glimmy is still paying off legal fees for the cult town thing.


    Fifty Shades of Glimglam - Part 4
    Written? by: ??????? 

    (Based on best seller Fifty Shades of Glimglam Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

    "Ughh what a day... My hooves are on fire after all that traveling. I can't wait to curl up in a soft bed... with my best friend"

    "Yeah, tell me about it. Sorry again about Earlier Trixie. It will be great to finally relax and... maybe blow off some steam if you are up for it?~"

    "Now now Starry, let's not get hasty. These desert ponies aren't usually too keen on our form of friendship. Though, if you think you can keep your voice down this time we might be able to have a little bit of fun... I know I could use it. "

    "Pff, look who's talking! Do you know how hard it was to think of an impromptu excuse for the Great and Powerful wailing that was going on when Spike heard you on the other side of the castle last time?"

    "Hah! Who said I didn't want him to hear? I've always been curious about what he can really deliver with that magical mouth of his."

    "Ahaha... well, I may or may not have already tested and been disappointed by that. Not everycreature can match up to you after all Trix~ Now how about we get this show on the road? I'm dying for a duet"

    "Sure thing Star~ Actually now that I think about it, there was a rumor going around that Somnambula opened up a new place on the outskirts of town. They say they were a lot more open to our favorite form of entertainment a thousand years ago."

    "Why don't we swing by there? Maybe we can turn this duo into a trio with a pillar of Equestria?"

    "Ooh... I like the sound of that! Her voice is so sultry~. I have to admit, I've wanted to invite her to join us ever since we saved Equestria from the Pony of Shadows last year. Wait until you see what she wears!"

    "This looks like the place! I'm so excited! I can't wait to make sweet music all night with you bestie~ "

    "It has been so long too! With my counseling duties it feels like we haven't done this in forever. A night just for us. And maybe Somnambula~ The anticipation is killing me. Lets go!"

    "Starlight Glimmer! It is so good to see you. Welcome to Somnambula's Pleasure Palace...  And who is this with you? I don't believe we've met."

    "It's nice to meet you Somnambula! It is I, The Great and Powerful Trixie! Magical Mare Extraordinaire and purveyor of fine establishments such as this."

    "We were in the neighborhood and thought we'd stop by to... rock your world, if you'll have us~?"

    "Oh dear, I'm afraid with the Glopaz festival I've had to let them borrow my audio equipment for a concert they are putting on."

    "It's a shame these modern ponies are so embarrassed about Karaoke, or we might actually have another location I could sends you to! Sorry friends. I'd be more than happy to join you in a few days if you'd like?"


    The End

    Or did they~

    No rooms

    No rooms

    Oh god it's 11:00 AM and I'm running out of time. I hope you all appreciated my amazing fanfiction and poetry this time cause it took forever.

    Truth be told, the rest of this episode is pretty much just cute pictures of these two.

    Would you be able to handle Starlight's snoring though? Finally landing your dream mare and she unleashes the sound of a million tractors every night?

    Cause I would. She's worth it~

    La Bandita~ In a non offensive way of course.

    Trixie's night practices are just cute too.

    Can we talk about how great these Egyptian pony outfits are? I also notice they cover their butts. Considering our cartoon equines tend to have tails that at permanently lifted and block absolutely nothing by default, that might be a good idea.

    Do NOT piss Trixie off. Apparently.

    Starlight got a lot of crap in the comments of this episode, but I think people forget that she's pretty new to the whole socialization thing.

    I really do think she genuinely thought she was doing Trixie a favor here, and just didn't seem to pick up on the idea that Trixie was very much attached to her wagon. It probably would have been a good idea to invite her inside for the night though at least... She's learning people! Starlight has a way to go but she'll figure it out!

    Though, seeing Trixie heartbroken should have tipped anyone off. Look at this mare. She could melt even Angel's cold, dead heart with those eyes.

    I want to buy her wagon back for her so bad ;_;


    Even a messy Trixie is adorable~

    And such determination in the face of adversity!

    I want to live in a world where these two deliver my mail every day.

    And tip them in apples.

    That would be a good world.

    Random Glimmy face.

    Starlight has nohips.

    Trixie sure does though

    And that's a wrap! Overall solid Trixie/10 episode. That's higher than 10 if you want a real number. Add an extra 30 for pairing her with Glimmy. I'd trade my first born for a series dedicated to these two getting into trouble across Equestria. Wouldn't that be magical?

    Even this dude agrees. He was so enthralled by their interactions that he decided to sneak in and join them. I feel like there is a message there somewhere, but I am so beyond out of time right now that I'm wondering why we decided to give only one day to make these posts. Hopefully you all enjoyed it~ Or just go copy paste your review in the comments like always. Ye bastards.