• World of Equestria Alexa Facts and Trivia App Arrives

    A fan-made app for Alexa has appeared that has popped up over on Amazon. It comes with two major categories:

    • Equestria fact: Alexa randomly chooses a fact to tell. You can listen to just one, or as many as you like.
    • Equestria trivia game: A series of 3 random questions. The goal, get all 3 correct. If you get some wrong, there's a bonus question if you want it. You should be able to play every day and always get a different combination of questions. 

    The app is in continued development with more trivia questions and facts being added over time. It also has a few secret quirks that pop up when the answer isn't something she recognizes.

    Download it over here.

    And other countries can be found on the forums.