• Big update from Fiesta SEAPonyCon (Vendors, musicians & more!)

    This update comes a little late as I got bombarded by my first week of student teaching, but Fiesta SEAPonyCon has another brand new update to share with you all before the big event in October! Concerning vendors, musicians and more you'll just have to check on after the break to find out!

    Kicking off this announcement post is our vendor registration! We’re accepting vendors again this year under Friendship Pro - our vendor registration system.

    The standard Friendship Pro package is $75 and consists of two vendor badges, a vendor banner and a table with two seats. The table measures 120cm by 60cm and stands 70cm tall. Just like our admission tickets, this is a standard-issue vendor table. All vendors get the same thing. We also have a Friendship Pro package that includes a room for two at the convention hotel, starting at $215. Additional nights can be added to the booking through the payment system after your application is accepted.

    You can find the vendor application form at http://vendors.SEAPonyCon.com.

    Due to some abuse of the Friendship Pro vendor system at our previous convention, we will no longer be accepting payments in kind for vendor tables. All vendor tables need to paid upfront through our ticketing site (or through one of our other accepted payment channels) once your application is approved. We have limited space this year and thus, we can only accept a limited number of booths. To ensure you get yours, make sure you make your payment in a timely manner (after approval) and check your email frequently.

    Here at Project SEAPonyCon we believe that music truly resonates with the fandom and thus we are happy to once again be working with our BFFs at Crystal Empire Records to bring you micro:burst - a scaled-down version of our concert from last year.

    micro:burst is inspired by thunder:storm from 2014 and 2017. However, to make the best of the space we have we are making the convert more universal instead of EDM or acoustic music-exclusive.

    Send in your application now at http://musicians.SEAPonyCon.com

    While we are lining up some of our household names in the regional brony music scene, we want to keep the doors open to you to apply. Do note that we will favor musicians from the Southeast Asian region for this but do feel welcome to put your name in the hat!

    With all these applications open we are announcing that September 16 will be the master deadline for the following applications. September 16 is the last day that you will be able to submit activity/panel applications (Harmony Six), vendor applications (Friendship Pro) and musician applications (thunder:storm).

    September 16 is also the last day when you will be able to order your Party Pack/Message in a Bottle (Spirit Tickets) so be sure to get those orders in! If you want to add a Party Pack to your existing ticket purchase (only for those who purchased a ticket prior to 27 August 2018) please check your email for instructions on how to do so.

    Fiesta SEAPonyCon may be scaled down but we’ll be needing some volunteers to help us out at the convention! Fill up the form at http://volunteer.SEAPonyCon.com.

    We have an intricate application form designed to help us find the best position to suit you and your talent. There will be some hard work involved so we want to make sure it’s work that you will most likely enjoy doing!

    If you have looked up the convention venue on the map then perhaps this question has crossed your mind - where to eat? That’s where we have some bad news, but keep reading because we have a solution!

    Unlike most of the concrete jungle that is Singapore, City Beach Resort is located in a nature reserve away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its secluded location makes it a lovely place for a retreat while still staying close to the city. Singapore is so small that if you were to travel 60km (36 miles) in any direction you would no longer be in the country.

    The point is, Singapore’s gastronomic districts and venues are not within easy access of the convention venue. To overcome this we are now offering lunch as an add-on to our standard convention ticket! For those of you who are reading this and would like to add a lunch package to your existing ticket purchase, please check your email for instructions on how to go about this.

    For $15, enjoy a simple buffet lunch at the lobby of the City Beach Resort. You can select this as an add-on to your ticket when you make your ticket purchase at http://tickets.SEAPonyCon.com.

    If you have the time before or after the convention, we strongly suggest you take some time to try the local fare!

    The links to our forms are easy to remember. We are using a subdomain system that takes you where you want to go. No more long and unpronounceable links. Just check out the following:

    Discord Server - discord.SEAPonyCon.com
    Ticketing & Pre-registration - tickets.SEAPonyCon.com
    Facebook - fb.SEAPonyCon.com
    Harmony Six (Panels & Activity Applications) - HarmonySix.SEAPonyCon.com
    Friendship Pro (Vendor Applications) - vendors.SEAPonyCon.com
    Volunteer Applications - volunteer.SEAPonyCon.com
    micro:burst (Musician Applications - musicians.SEAPonyCon.com

    Follow us on major social media outlets on our handle, @SEAPonyCon for the latest news and updates. Join our Discord server too to get the latest announcements, mingle with our community and discuss room and transport sharing!

    Twitter: Calpain