• The Full Version of Fall of Anterfold: Outland 2 is Available!

    A new announcement from the Anterfold team as the full version of Outland 2 is now available! I wonder how they are able to get these out so fast?

    Regardless, for fans of the series, get the whole breakdown after the break. They've recently had a teammate pass away as well and our hearts go out to the team.

    We glad to announce what Fall of Anterfold: Outland 2 is done now. Also, thanks to several people helped us on this hard road.

    Our patreon page is still active. Even one dollar will make us happier. We want to send some of the money to the family of our friend and teammate who has passed away a few weeks ago.

    R.I.P AreStaR and thank you for all what you have done for us.


    Twitter: Calpain