• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VIII: Day 17

    Despite how we may feel, how happy we may be, our darkest fears always lurk beneath the surface and when we have to face them it can turn our world upside down. It's how we handle our fears that can show great courage and growth lest we let our fears crush us completely. We had a lot of pony's facing their fears today with some very creative results once again, well done everyone!

    For today we raked in 107 ponies which now brings us up to 2605 ponies in total!

    For today's prompt I bet a number of you felt this way when starting the ATG and were your thoughts in general as the event approached. What do I mean? Well, today I would like you to Draw a pony on an impossible mission / Draw a pony with the deck stacked against them. I'm also going to be trying something interesting with this prompt by tying it directly into tomorrow's prompt (or at least trying to), so be sure to check in tomorrow to see how that works!

    As usual our submitter is here.

    We also have a new Makeup Day submitter!

    Good luck everyone!

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    2 A horse facing his darkest fear - RainbowDash1804

    Art image 2
    I guess snakes aren't that scary.

    3 Midnight - RD4590

    Art image 3
    Witching hour... what, that usually happens at night, doesn't it?
    Alright I admit I'm deviant from topic.

    5 Basement Lights - Ebby Sharp

    Art image 5
    The basement lights are shot. You're home alone and just got done playing Silent Hill. The light bulbs are kept downstairs...

    8 Spirit Life fights against her past - Horceye

    Art image 8
    Sometimes Spirit Life is conflicted with herself and questioning herself if she deserves to live, after what she has done to her friend in the past

    9 Witch of the Night - Xander

    Art image 9
    There's a witch haunting ponyville every full moon. Who could it be? Does Trixie have a dark secret? Is it the amulet again? Or is it all just a manifestation of Trixie's darkest nightmare?

    10 ATG - 16 - Her Worst Fear. - Crimson Winds

    Art image 10
    That's a lot of DAMAGE.

    11 Spoopy Horse - Sugar Spooks

    Art image 11
    Sugar Spooks on a witch night. SpooOOOoopy

    12 Come Back Guys! - Erika Williams

    Art image 12
    Prompto's Twilightesque moment in episode Prompto was what started this whole crossover mess in the first place, so today we pay homage to that DLC.

    15 Fear - Drakin Kami

    Art image 15
    It's full of terrible horrors.

    16 Twilight Vs Quesazilla - Flynt

    Art image 16

    17 Colgate and the Cavities. - The Vintage Pone

    Art image 17
    Based on Fluttershy vs Cockatrice, but simplified.

    18 Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds 16a - meto30

    Art image 18
    This entry continues on from the story of my entries for prompts 14 and 15. This is a two-page entry.

    19 Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds 16b - meto30

    Art image 19
    This entry continues on from the story of my entries for prompts 14 and 15. This is a two-page entry.

    20 Little Things - banterlot

    Art image 20
    Nothing's more terrifying than kids, right?

    23 ATG Day 16: The Witching Hour - Linzi Howard/ Creative Blossom

    Art image 23
    Will be later replaced with the digital version. Rivera during the witching hour - just before he receives the brandings on his tail and horn; Rivera is adopted from @DingoBreath

    24 The Late Hour - Zypdv-HP

    Art image 24
    The time I work.

    25 NATG2018 - DAY 16 - Eternal checklist - DarkDabula

    Art image 25
    "Don't cry Twili, Luna will snap you out of this nightmare !"

    27 Fear of the dark - ragmo

    Art image 27
    Best way to overcome your fears is to face them... WAIT you're running into the wrong direction!

    30 Trauma - Matthew

    Art image 30
    In the multiverse, a being who is powerful enough can directly re-write a character of their choice.

    The normally cheerful universe-hopper, Lost Colt, is forced to recount the experience of losing his mind, a fear he did not know he possessed until his encounter.

    Sorry for the even more over-dramatic Style here, I was basically experimenting with a more sequential approach.
    The events described by the characters are actually from one of my old audio drama series.

    31 "I don't face my fears..." - Vulpes

    Art image 31
    "...I embrace them."

    34 ..Please NO.. - MaiSky

    Art image 34

    36 ATG 16 - Dragonshy 2 - Shy Harder - PixelGrip94

    Art image 36
    Pretty sure Fluttershy still hasn't gotten over her fear of dragons.

    I've always loved these kinds of shots from movies, TV, and games and I'm very happy with how this turned out, especially the dragon's eye since I had to get creative with darkening the pupil while still keeping Fluttershy visible in the reflection.

    37 Gotta get over it someday, Twilight. - dafiltafish

    Art image 37
    This wasn't very fun to draw.

    38 ATG 2018 Day 16 Thalassophobia - tallaferroxiv

    Art image 38
    It's fear of the unknown and vertigo combined? How cool is that!

    39 Don't dish out what you can't take back - Nekotigerfire

    Art image 39
    Fluttercord picture ^^; sorry I'm not having enough time cause of stuff in real life, I didn't even get a chance to give them shadows or give a proper background ^^; oh well for now that is all :3

    40 Celestia Greatest Fear - GoldFish

    Art image 40

    42 Hauntology Time - AaronMk

    Art image 42
    A stretched take the prompt, draw a pony's darkest fear/during the witching hour. And well, since this a stretch I figure I should explain myself.

    Hauntology, a term coined by French Philosopher Jacques Derrida. The essence of Hauntology is a present not fully realized except with the mixing up of past and future moments in the present. Or, while in the present it is compared with the past and anticipates the future. It - the present - may not be fully described as there as its own isolated moment but is controlled by its past selves. The sensation could be related to music, where at any moment in listening to a song you are presently over ever listening to a single note: but that note is not in itself isolated from the past notes, nor free of anticipation of the next. The melody of a song is itself never present but exists as an "interplay of the past, present, and future". The present is a ghost.


    44 Day 16 - NSFRD (Not Safe For Rainbow Dash) - SadTrooper

    Art image 44
    You still can't get over those cute sunflowers right Rainbow?

    45 Multi Prompt Drifting II: Electric Boogaloo. - Moonatik

    Art image 45
    Draw a pony facing their darkest fear / Draw a pony during the witching hour.
    Draw a fashionable pony / Draw a pony with good taste.
    Draw a pony crossing over with your favourite game, book, ect / Draw a pony putting on a show.

    46 A Walk at Night - Edgar Baez

    Art image 46

    47 16-2018 - alloco

    Art image 47

    52 Luna - Alquimis

    Art image 52
    Luna and Nightmare Moon

    53 America's Plans For The World - OctaScratchRock

    Art image 53
    Vinyl's worst fear has come true. Nuclear disaster has finally arrived, and it's up to her and Octavia to stop this.

    54 Fear - Lou

    Art image 54
    Maybe it doesn't work, but Max being found out as a Changeling. So kinda facing dark fear about being considered a monster.

    55 Witching Hour - Vivian Iolani

    Art image 55
    Tried the painting style again, this time I didn't stick to one layer - much easier, much faster, if less authentic. Anyway, here's Verda, my hippogriff OC's mother, and actually a witch.

    56 2018 ATG VIII - Day 16 - Monsters - KirbyLiscious

    Art image 56
    "It's just an illusion... t-that's not me..."

    58 Return of Daybreaker - Taurson

    Art image 58
    Sorry I had to fix something real quick >.<

    59 - Pirill

    Art image 59

    60 EXPLOSION! - Starlight Flux

    Art image 60
    For Day 16 of Equestria Daily's Artist Training Grounds I thought I'll do a crossover with Konosuba and draw Arch Wizard Megumin casting the sole spell in her arsenal "Explosion".

    61 Fairy Type - Addelum

    Art image 61
    Watch out, Garble!

    63 NATG VIII Day 16 - Fear - Cheesy Puffs

    Art image 63
    They're just so... cheesy...

    65 Golem Moon - Frith

    Art image 65
    Moon-rise over the golem glen in the Evershade, from a screen-cap I'd made while farming lvl 50 creatures for armor 'n' stuff. Because drawing a maredrake root crawling out of Twilight's coffee mug while she read forgotten lore (volume 5) was way too hard.

    66 Dash's Darkest Fear - WerdKcub

    Art image 66
    There's always next time Dashie!

    68 Great Fear of Door Knobs - ToisaNeMoif

    Art image 68
    It feels great to paint digitally again. I think going simple is the best way to go for these ATG prompts, well unless you're either efficient or passionate in drawing in detail every day for a long period of time

    69 The End of Pinchface - EbonyCrystal1986

    Art image 69
    Ebony has had a fear of ventriloquist dummies for YEARS ever since she was a filly, and one in particular has been invading her nightmares for the longest time and she had had quite enough of it, so she asked Princess Luna for a particular spell, one to end his time in her dreams for good. Looks like he won't be around anymore. >:3

    *blushes deeply* Ookay, there's a BIT of history to this one. Back when I was a girl, Nickelodeon had these IDs that would play before, after, and between EVERY show during the day and there was ONE in particular that gave me the creeps: Pinchface...they played that one SO much that years later the guy still shows up in my nightmares sometimes-call me a baby if you want, but still. If you have a fear of ventriloquist dummies, then you know how I feel. If he scared you too as a kid and appreciate this, you're welcome. >:3 Also sorry if the pic is pushing any ratings, but I tried to keep it PG while having fun with it :3

    70 Evil Enchantress - Allonsbro

    Art image 70

    71 Face the past - t72b

    Art image 71
    There is nothing more terrifying and painful than true self reflection. We rarely like or accept what we truly are

    72 The Witching Hour - Bright Idea

    Art image 72
    This prompt doubles as a belated birthday gift for Aeon of Dreams, whose special day was yesterday!

    73 Face Your Fear - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 73
    Witch Dr. here has Koutaliaphobia, or the irrational fear of spoons. He wants to overcome that fear. He's too terrified to hold the spoon himself. This won't end well.

    74 Beware, Beware the Night Mare - RedQuoz

    Art image 74

    76 - Scarfanon

    Art image 76

    77 - sharpshadowxii

    Art image 77
    Wasn't really feelin' it, 'til I drew the ghost. It's not great, but I thought it was funny. Wouldn't be surprised if I subconsciously ripped the ghost off from somewhere.

    79 Bewitching Ruby - DinkyUniverse

    Art image 79
    A Ruby Pinch bewitches the night!

    80 For the third time - Minty Treble

    Art image 80
    The greater fear of these two: for Discord, to be trapped in stone again... for Fluttershy, to be the one who turns him into it.

    81 ATG 2018 [Day 16]| *Hisssss* - Bluestflames

    Art image 81
    This is my drawing for the Artist Training Grounds on Equeastria Daily!

    Today's prompt was to: Draw a pony facing their darkest fear / Draw a pony during the witching hour.

    So I drew Diamanda at the Witching hour and something is looking to get her!

    82 Wingless Dash - vaser888

    Art image 82

    83 ATG Day 16 Draw a pony facing their darkest fear - TechPony

    Art image 83
    LolliPony asked why more people don't write in this area. So just for him I'm writing in this area to explain that Starlight's worst fear is having a broken kite on a perfect kite flying day with no backup.

    84 - ZetaMad

    Art image 84

    85 Derpy's Nightmare - Stone39

    Art image 85
    "I had called dibs on that box of muffins and she ate them all! She doesn't even like muffins!"

    The theft of one's muffins is a very serious matter and Derpy is facing the harsh reality of what an inconsiderate pony like Pinkie can do.

    86 Up to Eleven - B.J. Dazzle

    Art image 86
    Finally getting back on track, Octavia believes that the riddle on the shipping label sounds a bit too similar to something else she's been hearing about, and proposes the two might be connected. Only now does she truly realize what she's just gotten herself into. Her greatest FEAR is about to be realized as Vinyl is about to unleash a veritable WITCHING HOUR of cacophonous sonic blasts throughout a 3-mile radius of her current position.

    89 NATG Day 16 - Curse of the Weggy Board - Unpopular Opinions

    Art image 89
    I have crippling depression now.

    90 Failure - Novaintellus

    Art image 90
    It's hopeless, Miss Smartypants

    92 Battery Capacity - ZecoraTheZebra

    Art image 92
    So much time, yet so little battery left D:

    93 It is 1 a.m. and I finished this - PfH Mod

    Art image 93
    Shiren Emerald Oc belongs to @friendlypsycho ​ on tumblr - or on DA here https://www.deviantart.com/thatfriendlysomeone

    94 Twilight is a Witch I guess - Heir of Rick

    Art image 94

    95 - aeman

    Art image 95

    96 Facing your Darkest Fear (pixel art) - SuperHyperSonic2000

    Art image 96
    Here's a pixel art of Twilight Sparkle facing her darkest fear. I hope you guys like it. Draw a pony facing their darkest fear / Draw a pony during the witching hour.

    99 Poni noita - Mister Twister

    Art image 99
    Hyvä :DDDDDDDD

    100 Trixie the Witch(ie) - Sigmath Bits

    Art image 100
    Trixie's hour of witching.
    Where's she puts on a magic show!

    101 Ding - RhythmPixel

    Art image 101
    Couldn't think of any conventional fears, but personally I do panic a bit when I see/hear a notification pop out of nowhere.

    102 Human - SJG454

    Art image 102

    103 Deimos and Phobos - phallen1

    Art image 103
    Software Patch's inner demons, personified.

    105 Luna, Reaper of The Night - TheDarkSatanicorn

    Art image 105
    Luna is in search of lunar souls at 3 A.M.

    I had this idea of doing a grim reaper Luna for a while and this prompt was just the cherry on top for me to finally make this whole thing happen.
    Glad it made my style go forward once again.

    106 Mommy Dearest - Binky T.

    Art image 106
    (Just a small head's up, this might contain themes of abuse. If you are sensitive to this kind of topic, skip this paragraph.)

    "Belladonna's parents are visiting. She can't wait for her father to get here but as for her mother on the other hand. She is an abusive, manipulative, and just a very egotistical mare. When Belladonna was younger, she used to treat her and her dad the worse. Always throwing harsh words, cruel insults, and horrible thoughts into their minds. And even at work she would treat her customers crudely. When Belladonna got older, she finally moved out of the house and movrd into the Everfree Forest to continue her studies in magic. She refused to let anypony use the nickname "Bella" for her since her mother always called her that when she was a silly, and even today. Ruling over much of her and her dad's life with an iron hoof, it isn't much if a surprise to see she still hasn't changed after all these years since moving."

    107 Hi, I'm Fluttershy and you're watching Donkey! This is called: "Face Your Fear". (Day 16) - Jameson Ethan

    Art image 107
    WARNING: The stunts and pranks featured in this show are done under strict supervision, these ponies are trained professionals. Do not try this at home.