• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VIII: Day 11

    Looks like leaving the makeup day submitter open from almost the start was a resounding success! It makes sense that not everyone will have time off on the scheduled makeup day after all, so I think I'm going to do the same for the next round of makeups and just open a second submitter for them after today.

    So successful we were at catching up on prompts we pulled in a total of 185 ponies bringing us up to a total of 1900 ponies in total! Great work catching up on all of those prompts my friends.

    Now, onto the first of the next ten prompts you'll be doing! Now that we've come along ten days so far I'd like to touch on drawing multiple ponies again like we did with the shipping one a couple days ago. This prompt seemed rather popular last year so I've brought it back and added a little twist to it. For today I'd like you guys to Draw a pony mingling / Draw a pony being a social butterfly.

    As usual you can find our submitter here.

    Good luck everyone!

    Attention Discord Users:

    For those of you with Discord we are really pulling out all the stops this year as we have a channel on EqD's official Discord server called #creators-plus-atg for you to hang out in with your fellow artists during the event. You can join our Discord server here.

    Check on after the break for today's gallery!

    Tutorial on First Day on How to Upload
    Art Tutorials
    Tutorials Collected by the Artist Training Grounds Alumni Group

    If you'd like to follow me on Twitter where I occasionally post pics from the ATG as well as general pony art, you can find me @CalpainEqD

    2 - Yakoshi

    Art image 2

    4 Daydream Sketcher - ABronyAccount

    Art image 4
    Too tired to draw anything the first day. Drew two quick things on the second day. A winning strategy.

    5 Frozen ATG day 1 - Wolfy

    Art image 5
    My OC Autumn Breeze frozen into place. She's always she when meeting new pony friends...

    6 Peanut Butter Refueling - Starswept Dusk

    Art image 6
    Peanut Butter is more than an adequate fuel source in a pinch.

    7 Rainbow Dash's Special Day - Juliana McMullin

    Art image 7
    Yay for make up days!! I got started late, since I didn't find out until day 2... and then didn't have time set aside for the drawings yet. Here's Day 2... a pony in action... Rainbow already 'fessed up that she doesn't like cake, but Pinky just can't help herself!!

    8 Frozen-Pony Style - Xander

    Art image 8
    Frozen pun, because Frozen

    10 A Big project - ThatFriendlySomeon

    Art image 10
    If you are reading this that means you reached my drawing. (^-~*)
    Have fun seing everyones art ^w^

    11 Trapped Under Ice - Moonatik

    Art image 11
    Freezing! Can't move at all, screaming! Can't hear my call, I am dying to live, Cry out!

    Oh yeah, and this is something for Day 1 (draw a pony frozen in place) I couldn't do in time.

    12 Nuts - Gourd Animations

    Art image 12
    Hey, don't worry, I'm disappointed in myself too.

    13 - Scarfanon

    Art image 13

    14 Sonic Rainboom (ATG Day 2) - Wolfy

    Art image 14
    The coolest flier in all of Cloudsdale getting ready for her Sonic Rainboom. Oh, Yeah! 😎
    2nd day of ATG for me. Draw a pony in action/on the run.

    15 Wacko! - SJG454

    Art image 15

    16 Do what now - PfH Mod

    Art image 16
    Pegasus and the bees-
    Mech wing pony belonging to @friendlypsycho

    19 MLP- Two Sides of Pencil Pouch - ExplosionMare

    Art image 19
    This is for the Day 3 prompt. (Going nuts/batty)

    20 Heaven Lost - Nephilim Rider

    Art image 20
    It's my first time doing this.

    But this fandom is pure motivation!!!!!!

    21 - InanimateLotus

    Art image 21

    22 - InanimateLotus

    Art image 22

    23 - InanimateLotus

    Art image 23

    24 ATG Day 1 - Delphina34

    Art image 24
    A bunch of people have made this joke already, but I couldn't help it. I was actually planning on drawing her as a mannequin with a simple blue dress, but ended up drawing the Elsa dress and then decided to make the whole thing FROZEN-themed. This was actually my first time drawing Rarity and damn her hair is hard! Especially trying to do it braided. It took a long time to figure out, but I'm satisfied with the end result.
    Yay for reusing old backgrounds!

    25 ATG Day 2: Rainbow Flying - Delphina34

    Art image 25
    Rainbow doesn't run anywhere; she flies.
    This was supposed to be cloud-busting but I changed it at the last minute. Not my best work, I don't like how her head came out; but I was rushing it because I'm behind on the other prompts. Kind of a hard pose too.

    26 ATG Day 3: Flutterbat - Delphina34

    Art image 26
    Done with day 3 now. This was my first thought when I saw the prompt. I'm really happy with how it turned out; I spent at least 5 hours on this. One of my best works so far. ATG is making me a lot faster, or maybe it's drawing for hours straight with minimal breaks. Never done bat wings before.

    29 And In First Place... - Lollipony

    Art image 29
    Best pone award <3 i="">

    31 Elp ahhh - MDStw

    Art image 31
    NATG 2018 Day1-Draw a pony frozen in place

    32 Teacup! - Xander

    Art image 32
    Day 4 makeup. Used a reference for this one cuz I wanted to get it right. Didn't wanna do the table so I used a stool and Drew the rest of her body. Still made the head a bit small but I'm proud of it. Love this moment when Trixie turns salt into a tracup.

    33 Eye the Apple - ttkitty441

    Art image 33
    Applejack enjoys an apple after a hard day of work. Little does she know, she has a Flutterbat eyeing her snack. Since I missed two(day 3 and 4) days of ATG, I decided to combine both prompts into one makeup picture.

    34 Finishing a book you really enjoyed... - LennyStendhal13

    Art image 34
    For Day 4 (Draw a pony attaining a goal) - Back in Day 4 I was only able to draw a quick pencil sketch, so I thought I'd digitalize it and color it! Hope you like it ^w^

    Stendhal Syndrome, being a book-lover, thinks that one of the sweetest goals you can attain in your life is finishing a book you really enjoyed. He believes that the strong, bittersweet and also a little melancholic feeling you get when you turn over the last page is incomparable. :)

    35 - Wolfy

    Art image 35
    ATG Day 3. Draw a pony going nuts/Draw a pony going batty.
    Who's better at going nuts all the way than the ever worrying Twighligh?
    Love lesson zero. 😆

    36 Twilight Time - Benjamin Eric Berlin

    Art image 36
    I decided to go for making up Day 1 and using the pressing technique where I gradually press harder to get richer tones, as well as mixing colors and my 4B artist pencil to get the shadows and highlights that I so admire in other artists work. I hope I did it justice. Please don't hesitate to leave comments and/or critiques on my page.

    37 Chillin' in the pool - dstears

    Art image 37
    Slightly late day 5.

    38 Acting Pinkish - Fullmoonrose7

    Art image 38

    40 Minty Treble - Minty Treble

    Art image 40
    Minty Treble <3 1st="" a="" all="" and="" atg="" based="" but="" conscious="" couple="" curious="" daisy="" day="" didn="" draw="" ever="" fact:="" first="" fluffy="" g3="" good="" her="" how="" i="" is="" it="" jo="" like="" liked="" made="" me="" minty="" months="" much="" my="" oc="" of="" old="" on="" one="" owned="" place="" ponies.="" pony="" probably="" really="" seems="" she="" so="" star="" started="" summited="" t="" that="" the="" this="" time="" to="">

    41 ATG - 5 : Sleeping below the clouds - Crimson Winds

    Art image 41
    Taking a nap below the clouds is always a great way to beat the summer heat!

    42 - Scarfanon

    Art image 42

    44 Warm... - Friendship Is Horses

    Art image 44
    The popsicle isn't helping! It's still wayyy too hot. When do we invent pony air conditioning?

    45 Summer Fun - GryphShot

    Art image 45
    "Us gryphons can have fun too you know!"

    46 ATG 5 - Pinkie Pops - PixelGrip94

    Art image 46
    Everypony knows that when it comes to any type of treat, Pinkie takes the majority of them, be it to eat them all herself or share one with all her friends (which is basically everypony).

    Forgot to draw something for day 5 on time even though I had much more time than I normally do to actually draw it so here's my first makeup drawing although I doubt it'll be my last before this year's ATG is over.

    47 - Plotcore

    Art image 47

    48 Beach Day - Allonsbro

    Art image 48
    Day 5: Beating the heat

    49 Starlight Seapony - Redenaz

    Art image 49
    Summer, like most problems, can be solved with magic.

    50 Adorableness - Fullmoonrose7

    Art image 50

    51 ATGD62018 - Dragon Dash - Dusthiel

    Art image 51
    aaaa late =w=

    54 ATG - 6 - Other than a Pony - Crimson Winds

    Art image 54
    first time drawing a griffin. Hope I got the proportions right.

    55 - Scarfanon

    Art image 55

    56 Enjoying the Small Things - InanimateLotus

    Art image 56
    Have you ever tried to keep an Orchid alive? It's not easy.

    57 Under the Sea - InanimateLotus

    Art image 57

    58 - Plotcore

    Art image 58

    59 No Time For Freaking Out - FizzPuff

    Art image 59
    She's in danger of...I don't know a deadline not being met? I couldn't be bugged to make a background for this one.

    61 What's with that face? Aren't you happy to see me? - LennyStendhal13

    Art image 61
    Submission for Day 7, "Draw a pony in danger".

    Blind Frustration (or Sparrow, as he was originally baptized when he was a colt) used to get bullied a lot by a colt named Jambalaya (on the left, in this picture). So you can see by yourselves how he felt (and ultimately was) in danger every time he met this brute :c
    But don't worry, karma will fix everything, eventually >:3

    63 Rachelle the 49th - Xander

    Art image 63
    Submission for day 7. Upset at myself cuz I finished the pony yesterday, but couldn't do the rest and submit it. Gonna do my best to get these done on time. Anyway, this is Rachelle in danger. Inspired by a book my fiance and I are reading called "The 49th Mystic" by Ted Dekker.

    64 Elegant Dragon - MDStw

    Art image 64
    When Rarity becomes a dragon.

    65 On the run - MDStw

    Art image 65
    Electron Blade:Can't let them take this back...I have to escape here as quick as I can!

    67 ATG Day 6 - Delphina34

    Art image 67
    ATG Day 6: Draw a pony as another species / Draw a pony transforming their life.

    Because I'm behind on these prompts, I ended up just tweaking Day 5's a little to make Dash a seapony. That was the original plan for this sketch, but I made her a regular pegasus for Day 5's prompt.

    This was pretty rushed, I'll probably go back and edit the hell out of it when ATG is over.

    68 EQD NATG 2018 Day 6 - Someone else in the mirror - Stormy

    Art image 68
    Definitely not your average floor mirror.

    69 ATG Day 7 - Delphina34

    Art image 69
    ATG Day 7: Draw a pony in danger / Draw a pony living life on the edge.

    I had a hard time coming up with an idea for this one, since most of what I usually draw is fluffy soarindash. I like how it came out though.

    It's weird how photoshop has like a gazillion brushes but nothing I need.

    70 - NCMares

    Art image 70

    71 Unwelcome Suitor - Friendship Is Horses

    Art image 71
    so... much... redrawing... X_X

    72 Best Earth Pony - MJ

    Art image 72
    This is Challenge 1: Draw a pony standing.

    76 Rarity and Rainbow "Just Friends" Waltz - dafiltafish

    Art image 76
    Day 8: Draw a pony in love / Draw a pony ship(ping)

    I really ran out of time that day.

    This is actually something I needed to work on: multiple subjects making a more dynamic pose. It's not great, even by my standards, but it's a good first step.

    77 Platonic Love - Selin Nur

    Art image 77
    ATG VIII: Day 8: Draw a pony in love
    The pain and addiction of the unrequited love...

    78 Love Dragon - Fullmoonrose7

    Art image 78

    79 Twilight enjoying a cool treat - Selin Nur

    Art image 79
    ATG VIII: Day 5 . Draw a pony enjoying a summer treat.
    The sky is very awful drawn in my opinion. Also, the sun has a Lenny face.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    81 On Pinkie's Cupcakes (coloured) - Selin Nur

    Art image 81
    This was submitted for ATG day 3 but I wanted to add colours too. Looks better :3 .

    82 ATG Day 5: Fun In The Sun - Linzi Howard/ Creative Blossom

    Art image 82
    Prompt: Drawing a pony enjoying a summer treat / Drawing a pony beating the summer heat.
    Character/s: Lizzy and Demon Constantine (Batpony)
    Will be later replaced with the digital version

    A common fact known: most demons don't like the heat, especially one as Demon Constantine ;) Not that Lizzy knows that and it's why he's staying hidden under that umbrella X3 They're in the Victorian Era hence the style of bathing suits ;3

    83 ATG Day 6: Wrong Type of Transformation - Linzi Howard/ Creative Blossom

    Art image 83
    Maxwell helping his youngest brother, Niko, with a bit of 'transforming his life'
    Will eventually be replaced on DeviantArt with digital version

    84 ATG Day 7: Life On The Edge - Linzi Howard/ Creative Blossom

    Art image 84
    Arabella loves adventuring and entering dark caves is just one of the ways she lives life on the edge
    Will be later replaced with the digital version

    85 ATG Day 8: Kiss on the snoot - Linzi Howard/ Creative Blossom

    Art image 85
    Melvina giving Jonathan a kiss on his nose :3
    Will be later replaced with the digital version

    86 ATG Day 9: Plotting - Linzi Howard/ Creative Blossom

    Art image 86
    Just two naughty sisters plotting something villainous; Cinnamon Shade and Dark Force both adopted from: @chaserofthelight99
    Will be later replaced with the digital version

    87 ATG Day 8 Wallpaper Version - Delphina34

    Art image 87
    Feels good to be back in my element.

    88 ATG Day 8 Alternate Version - Delphina34

    Art image 88
    Alternate Version of https://www.deviantart.com/delphina34/art/ATG-Day-8-Wallpaper-Version-757364204

    90 Makeup 4 and 6 - RiskyPony

    Art image 90
    A pony achieving a goal and a pony as another species: Dash Joins the Wonderbolts and Vinyl Batch

    91 - Spntax

    Art image 91

    92 A Truly Life-Changing Transformation - ABronyAccount

    Art image 92
    I'm making an effort, okay!?!?

    93 Cuddles under the stars. - Lantern Light

    Art image 93
    For Apex Soundwave. My love.

    94 To the Nines - Shelltoon

    Art image 94
    Sable does not like to wear dressy clothes. It's not her style.

    95 ATG Day 9: Dark Twilight - Delphina34

    Art image 95
    Always wanted to try evil Twilight, although it didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned. Those eyes are hard.

    96 Tempest Shadow - Mind's Eye

    Art image 96

    103 It's not how it seems like - Selin Nur

    Art image 103
    This is something I would definitely would not do to any creature.
    I wanted to post this to ATG day 10 but I was a bit late.

    104 Pinkie Pie Standing - Kampfkex

    Art image 104
    Doodled it at work, hope it still counts!

    105 Day 5 Catchup: Icecream on the beach - Slizergiy

    Art image 105
    I want to do more than just all ponies this year, so I'm makeing an effort to throw in other charaters, In this case, Sonic and 2 of my Neopets (Noodles and Cannon) alongside Nyx from Penstroke's Past Sins.

    106 Tidmouth Saluting - Jon Ball (Tidmouth)

    Art image 106
    Catch up for day 1!

    108 Batter Up. - RedQuoz

    Art image 108
    Hopefully it goes through this time >_>

    110 Nonchalant - OctaScratchRock

    Art image 110
    Octavia's been captured by some flying beast in the Paris skies, and it's up to Vinyl to save her!

    111 A standing pony - Shaliwolf

    Art image 111
    I only started on day 2, and so this is for day 1's prompt.

    112 - Plotcore

    Art image 112

    114 Mother's amulet. - AugJodo

    Art image 114
    Late art for day 9.

    115 Fridged - Bobthedalek

    Art image 115
    Unused idea for Day 1: "Draw a pony Standing/Draw a pony frozen in place"

    116 Starburst Otp - Summer Gem

    Art image 116
    My first submission for makeup day. I've never drawn two ponies together before, so it was quite the challenge.

    117 Twibat - Summer Gem

    Art image 117
    For the draw a pony as another species prompt, I decided to go with Twilight as as batpony.

    118 Pinkie dives off a Cliff - Summer Gem

    Art image 118
    My final entry for makeup day. I decided to go with Pinkie doing something crazy. Not my most creative work, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

    120 Just More Prompts - Lou

    Art image 120
    I was originally gonna draw all 10 prompts again as just sketches but I couldn't think of new concepts for half of them so here's 5 of the prompts again. Standing, Motion, Batty, Danger, Villain.

    121 Good End - Moonatik

    Art image 121
    I’m probably going to add some colour and shading to this image later on, as I love this concept sooooo much.
    Prompt: Draw a pony doing something you like to do in real life / Draw a pony doing something they wouldn’t normally do.
    Also, I managed to do both prompts in one image!

    122 NATG VII Day 11 - Tempest and the Storm King - Fizzban/BronyFizzban

    Art image 122
    I think one of the earlier prompts I missed was "Draw a pony in danger" or something, I suppose this counts!

    123 - Plotcore

    Art image 123

    125 Rock doesn't float - RemnantViscera

    Art image 125
    I need to stop missing these. Meant to be day 10, since a pony with a half stone body wouldn't normally swim.

    128 - sharpshadowxii

    Art image 128
    Redo of Day 6
    Draw a pony as another species
    My attempt to portray Fluttershy as a siren.

    129 - sharpshadowxii

    Art image 129
    Redo of Day 8
    Draw a pony in love
    Gettin' extra weird.

    130 Everypony, Give Me Your Energy!! - MorphiusX

    Art image 130
    Artist Training Grounds Prompt:
    Draw a pony standing / Draw a pony frozen in place

    Lend Lady Keyframe thine Equestrian Magic so that she can manifest her Friendship Bomb to vanquish her foes!

    132 Twilight Sketch (Day 1 makeup) - ThatFriendlySomeone

    Art image 132
    I know its way simpler than what I usually do ( needed to rest) but its something......... right ?

    133 Ebony's Pool Time - Ebonycrystal1986

    Art image 133
    This is a bit of a call back from last year's prompt around a similar theme. This time the prompt called for drawing a pony enjoying a summer treat / drawing a pony beating the summer heat, so I combined the two again. :3 Sorry if it looks a bit rushed this time, it's one of my makeup prompts ^ ^;;

    Ebony had enjoyed her last trip to the beach so much that before this year's summer break, she had a swimming pool installed in her back yard. Now along with being able to stargaze during those summer nights, she can kick back and relax with some of her favorite summer treats, including a blue raspberry slush that she's enjoyed ever since she was a filly. She had NO idea how Pinkie figured out she liked those, but hey, she wasn't about to complain.

    134 Day 9 Makeup - Mezia

    Art image 134

    135 ATG VIII Day IX - RizDub

    Art image 135
    Makeup for day 9 (villainous pony / pony with issues).
    When "Every Little Thing She Does" aired I still wasn't a fan of Starlight Glimmer.

    136 First Mission - t72b

    Art image 136
    This is a recreation of a drawing I did several months back (look through my DB gallery if interested)

    I found this custom 3D printed model recently on Ebay and just had to have it. I had the idea to do this little paper cut outs when I was putting it together, and now with the ATG, it gave me the motivation to try it.

    137 Doggo Lantern - Lantern Light

    Art image 137

    138 Meltdown - thattagen

    Art image 138


    (Theme: Danger/On the Edge)

    139 - Allonsbro

    Art image 139

    141 Wakeup To Makeup - ABronyAccount

    Art image 141
    Makeup day art. It involves makeup. It is a play upon the words.

    142 Cuddles 2: The Coloring - Allonsbro

    Art image 142
    I did the shading in about 15 minutes.

    143 Draw a pony as another species - Heir of Rick

    Art image 143

    145 Star Pupil Starlight - Darelith

    Art image 145
    Just art for the sake of Art I guess

    146 Species Swap - ZoneSystem

    Art image 146
    Going back to day 6′s prompt that I missed: Draw a pony as another species / Draw a pony transforming their life

    Thunderlane is now a deer! Specifically a peryton. He seems pretty happy with this change.

    147 Thrill Seeker (Prompt 7) - Bright Idea

    Art image 147
    Made this OC special for this prompt, and based the background on the ol' Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote style

    149 Life Goal of Cosmic Glitter - Selin Nur

    Art image 149
    ATG day 4
    It's dream of her to go and graduate from University...

    150 Pac Attack - linkman15

    Art image 150
    Here's Pacman going after a random stallion.

    151 Fluttershy's Escape - Selin Nur

    Art image 151
    ATG day 7
    I can't believe that I've drawn this. This is probably my best MLP drawing. I'm kinda proud of myself :'3 .
    I did not want to find line or color this because I thought the drawing would get ruined.

    155 Rainbow gives you wings - Benjamin Eric Berlin

    Art image 155
    Rainbow takes Scootaloo for the ride of her life, drawn as a makeup for Day 2 of the 2018 ATG, where the prompt was to draw a pony in motion. Also, the title is one of it was late, I was tired, and I wanted to submit it before the deadline. If anyone has better ideas I'm all ears.

    156 Makeup Day - Snowbelle! - Stone39

    Art image 156
    Here we have a new pony that's entered the stable of characters, Snowbelle! She's a special unicorn with her solid horn and her signature bridle. Her Cutie Mark is more related to the holidays, but she's open to spreading her magic all year long!

    Just a colored reference of Snowbelle. Hoping to get some art of her now! :D

    157 09 Villan Pony - Kishkumen

    Art image 157
    Shego, no.

    158 Draw a Pony Transforming her Life - Harwick

    Art image 158
    A follow-up to fav.me/dcihojl

    Was out of town for a while, so this was done on the make-up day. Entries will probably be sparse from me going forward, as my free-time looks to disappear for a while, but I wanted to at least get the planned Trixie follow-up in, and I'll tackle others whenever I get the chance!

    159 Ebony's Magic Mishap - Ebonycrystal1986

    Art image 159
    Second makeup prompt for day 7: draw a pony in danger / draw a pony living life on the edge

    Back when Ebony was still a filly, she always wanted to study magic like the big unicorns, but unfortunately it took her some time to learn simple spells like teleportation. She would always wind up in the strangest places, INCLUDING the edge of a cliff that was full of sharp rocks and thorns at the bottom...it was then and there that she KNEW she needed help, and not just help getting off the cliff, either!

    Had a LOT of fun with this one tonight, despite rushing things a little bit to get it up in time. I love trying all these new emotions with Ebony and adding to her backstory, too. Who knows what will happen with her next! :3

    160 ATG Day 10: Casual Sweater Rarity - Delphina34

    Art image 160
    I was trying to draw rarity in something casual for this prompt, since she's usually so into fancy dresses and stuff. I wasn't even trying and it still came out adorable. Why are ponies in hoodies so cute?

    Also, I love warm, fuzzy sweaters. I have like 5 that I sleep in or wear around the house, of varying thickness and colors.

    164 Eastern Ember - Neonhuo

    Art image 164
    I did this for day 6's prompt. Eastern Dragons are different than western dragons! This counts!

    165 Ruby's a Pony! - Bombom13

    Art image 165
    I really just wanted an excuse to try drawing Ruby Rose, but I guess this can count towards Day 1's prompt. I tried actually shading for once, and it worked ok.

    166 Glimmer in Clay - Bombom13

    Art image 166
    I have no idea if this counts, but I decided to try Starlight in clay for a drawer-handle. Day 1: "Draw" a pony standing? She was fun to make!

    167 Big Mac and Sugar Belle share a Sundae - RiskyPony

    Art image 167
    one more quickie for makeup day

    168 Daring Do and Economy Shipping - phallen1

    Art image 168
    This comic is too big for the submitter! Click through for the full size!

    170 Twi-Rex - axxuy

    Art image 170

    171 ATG 2018 Day 1| ''Just stand here? Why?'' - BluestFlames

    Art image 171
    This is my drawing for the Artist Training Grounds on Equeastria Daily!

    Today's prompt was to: Draw a pony standing / Draw a pony frozen in place.

    So I just draw Diamanda standing here, a little annoyed. ^^"

    172 - ZetaMad

    Art image 172

    173 ATG 2018 Day 2|*Growls* - BluestFlames

    Art image 173
    This is my drawing for the Artist Training Grounds on Equeastria Daily!

    Today's prompt was to: Draw a pony in action / Draw a pony on the run.

    So I drew Diamanda in a sort of action dodging sequence, which is a first for me! ^^

    174 ATG 2018 Day 3| A Little Confused - BluestFlames

    Art image 174
    This is my drawing for the Artist Training Grounds on Equeastria Daily!

    Today's prompt was to: Draw a pony going nuts / Draw a pony going batty

    So I drew Diamanda Confused! ^^"

    175 Day 7 - axxuy

    Art image 175

    176 ATG 2018 Day 4| ''Finally Have it!'' - BluestFlames

    Art image 176
    This is my drawing for the Artist Training Grounds on Equeastria Daily!

    Today's prompt was to: Draw a pony attaining a goal / Draw a pony enjoying the fruits of its labor.

    So I drew Diamanda getting something that's she's been looking for a real long time

    177 ATG 2018 Day 5| ''Yummy!'' - BluestFlames

    Art image 177
    This is my drawing for the Artist Training Grounds on Equeastria Daily!

    Today's prompt was to: Drawing a pony enjoying a summer treat / Drawing a pony beating the summer heat.

    So I drew Stella enjoying a way too big ice cream!

    178 ATG 2018 Day 6| ''Diamanda go!'' - BluestFlames

    Art image 178
    This is my drawing for the Artist Training Grounds on Equeastria Daily!

    Today's prompt was to: Draw a pony as another species / Draw a pony transforming their life.

    So I drew Diamanda as a Serperior from Pokemon!

    179 Me - SJG454

    Art image 179
    Day 10

    180 ATG 2018 Day 7| ''I won't go here!'' - BluestFlames

    Art image 180
    This is my drawing for the Artist Training Grounds on Equeastria Daily!

    Today's prompt was to: Drawing a pony in danger / Drawing a pony living life on the edge.

    So I drew Diamanda in a real bad situation!

    182 ATG 2018 Day 8| *Hearts* - BluestFlames

    Art image 182
    This is my drawing for the Artist Training Grounds on Equeastria Daily!

    Today's prompt was to: Draw a pony in love / Draw a pony ship(ping).

    So I drew Stester In love! But with who?