• BronyScot announces VIP Tickets & OC Poster Opportunity

    The team over at BronyScot has some VIP perks available for anyone willing to spend a little more to support the con. Along with that, they have a project going for a giant OC pony poster.

    Head on down below for the presser!

    BronyScot announces VIP Tickets & OC Poster Opportunity

    Celebrate the BronyScot party wherever you are!

    [GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, August 12th—] BronyScot, Scotland’s yearly MLP convention, has now launched their VIP tickets. Retailing for £45, the ticket includes entry to BronyScot on November 10th and a limited edition BronyScot pint glass, chosen to reflect this year’s theme of parties & celebrations. More VIP perks are being accessed and are TBC. Standard & Deluxe tickets are available at https://brony.scot/Tickets/
    For those coming to BronyScot, or unable to attend & want to be a part of the party, an official BronyScot large scale pony OC poster has been launched. Being created by the talented BlairChan - https://www.deviantart.com/blairchan231 - bronies worldwide can become part of an 80 OC party themed poster featuring the BronyScot mascots. To commission a space, simply fill and submit this Google form to us: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeKVL4pJMa0DNyTXXc45_2MnSYTdpu8TFMZ7sjaxNMYpmgx3w/viewform
    For an OC slot plus a poster (to be collected at the con) it’s £15 but can be posted worldwide for an additional £5. The standalone poster is also available for £10 via this form.