• Brony in Mexico Gets Bullied After his Video Goes Viral

    (Artwork people have made to support him) 

    We've got some interesting news coming out of the Mexican brony world. A young fan of the show went to a place called Frikiplaza with full on pony buttons on display. Apparently this known geeky location couldn't handle the cartoon horses, as they gave him a whole bunch of crap for it. There was a debate about Dragon Ball vs pony, with him eventually leaving after they called it a show for little girls.

    Unfortunately the video went viral, and the kid was quickly attacked. Memes were plastered everywhere making fun of him, with mexican youtubers hopping on board to toss some hate.

    The Mexican brony community has responded, with even the show staffers over there getting on board to support him. Eventually it hit the news.

    The full transcript of the video can be found below. I'm not going to bother to link the memes and hate videos here, but they are out there.

    Video that started it:

    Transcript courtesy of Alberto:

    In English, the tittle say's: Hey!, That's an insult to me

    If you want to keep reading the story, you can skip the transcript, but it makes more sense if you read it because all the sources are in spanish.
    The transcription of everything they said in the video is the next one:

    Person who is filming: Neigbour, have you seen My Little Pony?

    Girl Drinking from a plastic vase: Yes neighbour.

    Person who is filming: Actually I think that stuff is garbage.

    Kid with the MLP badges: Hey!, That's an insult to me.

    (Background laughs.)

    Person who is filming: That's the worst garbage I've seen in my life.

    Kid with the MLP badges: It may be garbage to you, but for me it's a geniality, way better than Goku (He's talking about Dragon Ball), with that I'm telling you eveything.

    Person who is filming: Goku is better.

    Kid with the MLP badges: And still going on with Goku. Everything repeat's itself, just fights, smashings, punches...

    Person with red shirt: Goku no... there are no shootings in Goku. Don't be a liar (in spanish the word "Putazos" is considered a curse word and it's use to describe the act to beat someone, but it sound's similar to de word "balazos" that means to shoot a fire weapon).

    Kid with the MLP badges: Punches, I mean, beating each other...

    Person with red shirt: And what is there in ponies? Just running dude.

    Person who is filming: That cartoon is for girls.

    Kid with the MLP badges: Look, put yourself to watch the full season (he doesn't specify which season) and you are going to understand what's about. It's not just what you think about it.

    Person who is filming: It's a garbage for girls.

    Kid with the MLP badges: For you, but to me is not. There's a lot of grown man that like it and no one is criticizing them.

    Person with red shirt: But up to now, I haven't known no one that likes that stuff.

    Kid with the MLP badges: Oh, no?, Let's go to the "Friki", floor two.

    (Friki is the shortening of "Frikiplaza", a place in several cities in Mexico where you can buy stuff related to anime, videogames, card games, comics, etc.)

    Person with red shirt: Not even my daughters dude, they are tree years old, and didn't like it.

    (The kid tap's the camera)

    Kid with the MLP badges: That's got nothing to do about.

    (Background laughs)

    Person who is filming: Calm down.

    Person with red shirt: Hey dude, hey dude, what you just said?

    Kid with the MLP badges: I'm goinig, but I'll be back later.

    Person with red shirt: Oi, oi, quien sabe que tu... (that could be translated direcly to "who knows that you...", but what the person is implying is that the kid supposedly was about to insult him, and he was repeating what the kid supposedly said).

    Person who is filming: Quien sabe que tu...

    Person with red shirt: Your mom.

    End of transcription.

     Show Staffers chiming in:

    Rebeca Gómez, voice of Daring Do
    Annie Rojas, voice of Starlight Glimmer
    Carla Castañeda, voice of Twilight Sparkle

    He has since released a video thanking everyone for the kind words and support.

    Thanks to Ajente, Askel, and Alberto for the heads up and info!